Posted on Jul 1, 2010

5 Top Games on July 2010

Although July is not good as June, this month has a few good releases to satisfy your gaming orgy. Game that was released in July have the opportunity to become the best on each console and genre, so most likely you will buy into these 5 games.


Persona 3 portable 7 july 2010

Best RPG game for PSP on 2010

Japanese version had been released at November 2009. All persona fans on PSP already waited this game desperately. Finally it only takes about 1 week before it got released on NA. This game is really suited for the PSP, in addition to fighting with the monsters we are also able to lead social lives and interactions with other characters in this game. So in addition to a good battle systems in this game as well as simulation when high school heroes like the stories in manga. In this game you can play as well as women (unlike the ps2 version of it). Overall this game is not much changed from the console version but the choices that determine the ending and the story was changed from the console version. In this version you can also set the action of every member of your team (no longer with the help of AI). So this could be an attraction for those who have played ps2 version.


Dragon quest IX: sentinel of star sky 11 july 2010

Best RPG game for NDS on 2010

Popular series in Japan, featured classic RPG gameplay. Hardcore RPG will love this one. Bad luck for Dragon quest fans who doesn’t have NDS. Dragon quest 9 sold 100 million copies in Japan. Some good feature on this game are 12 job classes, a lot of side quests that can be done, good graphics for the DS, etc. Obviously this game can not be bad, because it has been proved from its sales figures in Japan. This game also allows multipalyer via local wireless, unfortunately not online via Nintendo-WiFi


arc rise fantasia 20 july 2010

Best RPG game for wii on 2010

This game is like oasis in the desert, wii has been famous as shovelware and lack of RPG, maybe this game can remedy that belief. This game has suffered from long delay. Let just hope Ignition not delay this game again. This game has something that makes an rpg game to be good or exceptional, it is to summon monsters. Summon monsters in this game is called Rogress. This game uses the AP system was common in turned based RPG (trinity universe, xenosaga, etc). So if you liked those games, then there is a high chance you’ll like this one.


Starcraft 2 wings of liberty

Best RTS game for PC on 2010

If you ask me what is the most anticipated games on July, without a doubt it is this game. I believe Starcraft is most balanced RTS ever made, Blizzard will sure do all they can to make the game balanced with patch in the future. I believe this game will survive for about 10 years like its predecessor. Blizzard does not just focus on the gameplay but also in its story. The proof is, this series tells the story about terran, while the story of the zerg and Protoss will be released as expansion packs by Blizzard. So we can be sure that the story of Starcraft 2 will be more epic than its predecessor because one game only covers one story for one race.


blazblue continuum shift

Best fighting game for PS3 on 2010

We don’t get much Console 2d fight. Great art style and battle system make this game is a must for fighting genre fans especially who likes it predecessor. In this game there are four new characters. Developers also tweak so that every character in this game is more balanced.

game yang dirilis pada bulan juli mempunyai kesempatan untuk menjadi yangterbaik pada setiap console dan genrenya, jadi kemungkinan besar anda akan membeli ke 5 game ini
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