Anticipated games on Junes 2010 |
Posted on Jun 4, 2010

Anticipated games on Junes 2010

In May we had a lot of good games. What about Junes? Don’t worry this month have many surprise for gamers because there will be E3 event on 15-17 June 2010. Okay Now let us see what games that have potential in June.


1 June 2010


Alpha protocol (PC, XBOX360, and PS3)

In the first day of the month, there will be Alpha protocol released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. This game maybe will give a new style RPG (stealth plus RPG), Many say that this game is Fusion from Splinter cell and Mass effect. This game also has been delayed for a long time so it is better be good.


8 June


Metal Gear peace walker(PSP)

The famous series comes to PSP. Who can resist to play snake vs Monster hunter. It has been announced that the game have 30-40 hours gameplay (quite a lot considered this is action game not RPG).So I believe this is no “ordinary” PSP games. Also don’t miss snake vs rathalos.

Megaman zero collection

4 games on 1 cartridge, If you fans of megaman series and never played them before this is your best chance.


22 junes


Arc rise fantasia (WII)

it is hard to get decent RPG on WII, lucky for us to get this game to be released in WII. If you watch the trailer the battle system is turn based. There is also monster summon in this game. More importantly this game’s music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda which mean the game soundtrack will be great.  The game became fourth best selling games during first week its release in JAPAN. So this game is must for WII RPG players.


29 june 2010


Trinity universe (ps3)

New RPG from NIS, the game features characters from disgaea and Atelier Series with 3D character sprite. The battle system itself use turn based style, each action cost AP (pretty much like sand of destruction).


This game using unreal engine 3 for graphic. From gameplay it makes me remember timeshift but this one seems cooler than timeshift.You can control what to manipulate, not like timeshift. From video we can see that time manipulating ability used to solve the puzzle in the game. It seems the AI in video are so stupid but maybe it is just in trailer hope they are smarter in real game.

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  1. __ender__ says:

    Trinity Universe and Arc Rise Fantasia look pretty cool. The only current-gen system I have is PSP though. I’m just waiting for Persona 3. ^_^

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You are right, they both are cool. But nevermind because arc rise fantasia release date had been pushed back to 20 July 2010. I recommend MGS peace walker to you. But If you don’t like it much better save the money for persona 3. If i can i will make the guide for persona 3 too.

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