Posted on Aug 7, 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia Nintendo Wii Guide

Developer: Image epoch

Publisher: Ignition Entertainment

Genre: RPG

Release date: 27 July 2010 (NA)

Platform/genre: Wii/RPG

ESRB rating: Teen


1. Prologue (Retea Forest to Jada)
2. Jada to Dragon Prison
3. Diamant to Mandelro Coast
4. Kopin Village to Nabra Jungle
5. Antrax to Olquina shrine
6. Oceansong road to Diamant city
7. Carbunculus to Senate Prison


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  1. alex says:

    there are in point 3 Diamant to Mandelro Coast, to the left of fountan place,near the gate closed, there are a cure all bottle and the right guard give a fire shard. in the fountain place in a flower seller onthe right,there are an other item

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