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Posted on Aug 11, 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Guide Antrax to Olquina Sub Shrine

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item
Scythe 442 wind earth heal liquid
Kul eeth 163 fire
Prin temp 194 earth wind heal liquid
revive bottle

After you get out from Nabra jungle head east to reach Full moon inn because you can’t go to Antrax for now.

Talk with Nomad mad here to obtain Map: Full moon inn. Go inside and rest in bed, you will see an event with Leslie here. IN the next morning get out from full moon inn to the world map. Now you can go to Antrax, so head north until you reach Antrax.

Talk to nomad man in front of the inn to obtain Antrax map. Head north to trigger an event. After event head west to the next area.

You are now in Mercantille zone, buy new equipment from shop and some Mid Liquid from item store (it heals 750 HP so you can use your Mp for attack spell).

Weapon shop price info
sharkslayer 6000 L’arc weapon
morningstar 6000 Ryfia weapon
feather krys 6000 Serge waepon
crusade terek 6000 Serge waepon
boar sword 6000 Alf weapon
bugkiller 6000 niko weapon
steel plate 4000 def+ 20, res+12, spd -2
chain mail 4000 def+19, res+13
stud leather 4000 def +18,res+14
coder robes 4000 def+17,res+14
steel boots 3000 def+3, spd+9
hardened shoes 3000 res +3, spd+12
Vitality ring 1000 HP+100
Power ring 1000 atk+3, def-3
Ray ring 1000 mag+3,res-3
Speed ring 1000 SPd+2
coat 5000 def +5
cape 5000 res +5
fire amulet 7500 fire res+2, water res-2, block confu
water amulet 7500 water res+2, fire res-2, block poison
wind amulet 7500 wind res+2, earth res-2, block silence
earth amulet 7500 earth res+2, wind res-2, block petrify

After you have bought all you need head west to Pier area (talk to the old man beside entrance that lead to pier to get earth shard).  You will see Leslie again in this area. You can get 3items in this area :

(0) Check barrel near big house to get revive full (behind red fabric)
(0) Go south and talk with the old man to obtain wind shard
(0) Check brown box (between the old man and revive full) to obtain speed leaf

Now back to mercantille area and head north to the next area. In this area head north to see an event about shrine. You can’t go into shrine for now so go back to Inn and rest. In the next morning go to shrine again and you can go inside the shrine now.

Go up past the fence, then go left to grab revive bottle from treasure chest. Go to the other way and grab Ray ring from treasure chest. Go back to area before fence and go left past 2 dragon statue. You will see people pray in the altar. This will trigger event about L’arc tell the party to enter the Olquina shrine now. Grab 4000 rico (2x) from treasure chest north from the altar. Now go to Guard location you just saw in the event. Agree to enter and you will arrive at

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item
apple slime 226 fire earth analyzer
poltergeist 256 strength potion
fake statue 300 water earth cure petrify
wind defense potion
mimic 1041 exalot

Follow the way and head south (left) when you see a branching path to obtain Wind gem. Ignore the elevator for now and go downstairs to B2 using northwest stairs.

Head south a little and east when you see branching path.You can’t go into storage area because your path is blocked by Mass ray (1) . Now just follow path and you will arrive at B3.

Go east and check the switch to deactivate red laser (2). Go west to enter next area (machinery). Deactivate 2 switch on the north. Now you can go past the path that blocked by red laser earlier. Head to middle of the area, you will see that there is only one red laser block your path, so go left (south) to deactivate red laser. After you have deactivated it, go past the path and turn on the elevator switch (3).

Go to nearby elevator (B3 hallway north) and go to B4. In B4 you will see an treasure chest (it is Mimic) fight it. After killing it just follow the path until you see and see sparkling spot (Olquina sub-shrine map). Head north to point (4) to trigger an event. Go back to the elevator, while you go there you will see an event (5) and Fight slave wight x4. It is just normal enemy so don’t need to panic (because this game’s boss kinda hard :D). Watch the event and get out from this place (You can fight new enemy: Wight slave and bone knight).

Once you get out from the shrine, go to Pier area. Head to ship on the right side to trigger an event. Event… and you will fight Zealot x4. Go to Olquina shrine and talk with Serge over there. Enter the door on the right side.

Main Menu


apple slime 226 fire earth analyzer
poltergeist 256 strength potion
fake statue 300 water earth cure petrify
wind defense potion
mimic 1041 exalot
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