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Posted on Aug 7, 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Guide Diamant to Mandelro Coast

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item Area
beak 264 earth wind fowl meat world map( Jada-Diamant)
belka 72 fire heal liquid world map( Jada-Diamant)
water revive bottle
cyon 94 fire wolf fang world map( Jada-Diamant)
water wolf liver

From Jada, head southeast to reach Diamant, I recommend you to level up your party up to level 10.

When you arrive in Diamant, talk with 3rd Nomad Son to obtain Diamant map. Head north to the next area and continue until you see an event.

After long event go downstairs and enter Middle door, walk through the corridor to Weiss’s room. You will see another event. Get out from this castle (talk with 4th nomad son to obtain castle map) and then go to south exit to see an event. After an event go to next area (upper zone), go downstairs and you will automatically arrive on L’arc’s house. Go inside (right building) and then talk with Elena. After talking with Elena, check left part of the room to obtain Wooden sword and get out from this house.

Enter the house near save point and agree to see the garden, check sparkling spot to obtain 2-leaf clover. Go south to Fountain area and buy new equipment in the stores, after that back to Elena’s house and sleep in a bed (near wooden sword).

Weapon shop price info
Medical sword 2000 L’arc’s weapon (self healing)
Medical wand 2000 Ryfia’s weapon (first aid)
Firangi 2000 Alf’s weapon (boost heal)
Bronze plate 700 def +13, res +6, spd-1
Bronze guard 700 def+12, res+ 8
Buff coat 700 def+11, res+9
Cloak 700 def+10, res+10
Bronze boots 500 def+2, spd +6
Cotton shoes 500 res+2, spd+8
Vitality ring 1000 HP+100
Power ring 1000 atk+3, def-3
ray ring 1000 mag+3,res-3
speed ring 1000 SPd+2

In the next morning, get out from the house and you will see another event. Go to Zamuel’s house, check the table near the big shield on the wall to obtain cure all and speed leaf. Enter the right door and talk with Zamuel. Zamuel will recommend you to go to port zone (east from fountain square). On the port zone go upstairs and check the cannon to obtain fire shard. After that, go north to trigger event about “someone”. You need meet with Alf so go to Castle Diamant and head to B1 (guard’s room). Open the treasure on the corner of the room to obtain 3000 Rico. Talk with Alf on this room to make him join you. Head back to the port zone, while you go there you will meet with Niko. Event and go back to Zamuel’s house. While you go back to Zamuel’s house you will meet with Cecille. After event, continue to Zamuel’s house. The house was attacked by a group of bandit. Talk with Elena and get out from this town.

Go south to the Mandelro coast.

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item Area
thief 114 Ricoalot Mandelro coast
heal liquid
Flying fish 111 fire water Mandelro coast
Veratite 93 fire water speed potion Mandelro coast
chewy squid
Bat 106 wind earth heal liquid mandelro coast (cave)
MP quick 1

From starting point, go west to reach save point. Follow the path and take the west path first to take 1500 Rico from treasure chest. Jump back and go north to take Water gem. Go west to the next area.

Grab Gigant blade by examining wall near waterfall. Go back to branching path and go southwest to take Rogue shoes. After that just go north to the inside of the cave.

Take the left path when you see branching path until you get Cool & sweet from treasure chest. Backtrack and go northwest to grab MP charge1, backtrack and go north to reach save point. I suggest you to fill up your Sp and Rogress point for the upcoming boss battle.

In the next area Check sparkling spot to get Mandelro coast map (errr it is a bit too later now). Head wet and you will enter BOSS battle.

BOSS: Luna and Paula

Cast Simmah at the first of battle so it will hit both of them. After that focus your attack to one person until she dies. Always keep your HP above 350 in order to be safe (I was at level 12 when I fought this battle. Paula has fire element attack and Luna has earth element attack. You can boost your character’s defense by cast spell like fire shell,etc. If you have reach level 11/12 use 2nd excel art you just got to boost your defence.

Increase fire damage (paula): Boost her fire damage to your characters
Attack (Both): cause about 100 damage (they can hit about 2-3 times per turn so be careful)
Blaze (Paula): Fire magic cause about 150 damage
Dance flames (Paula): Physical fire attack cause about 150 damage
Fireball (Paula): Fire magic cause about 230 damage
Sunder earth (Luna): Earth attack cause about 150 damage
Fire shell (Luna): Boost Luna’s fire resistance
Water shell (Paula): Boost Paula’s water resistance

I killed Luna first but I believe that she has more attack patterns than what I write here, but I think the damage is same as Paula’s damage (different element). So make sure you keep your HP. It seems Paula or Luna will use more powerful spell after either of them died. After you reduce their HP to 0, there will be an event and you will end up at the ship. Talk to Kopin to get Swimsuits for your characters. After some event the ship will sunk and you will arrive at new area.

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