Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Guide Jada to Dragon Prison |
Posted on Aug 7, 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Guide Jada to Dragon Prison


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Weapons shop

item price info
Claymore 1000 L’arc’s weapon(atk+2 arm force)
Wisdom Staff 1000 Ryfia’s weapon (observation=look Ability point)
Longsword 1000 Alf’s weapon (Hp+100)
Bronze plate 700 def +13, res +6, spd-1
Cloak 700 def and res +10
power ring 1000 atk+3, def-3
ray ring 1000 mag+3,res-3


Item shop

Item price
heal liquid 50
revive bottle 500
cure poison 100
analyzer 2


Now you are on Mercantille area (check barrel to obtain cure all; left from entrance), talk with 2nd Nomad man to gain Town’s map. Buy new equipment from the stores (you will also learn about magic, you can upgrade your character’s MP in magic shop). Head north to the next area (Military zone). You will see an event while you go there. Enter the building and move forward to see another event. Talk with General Clyde.

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item Area
Slave bone 71 fire earth Jada
Slave Larva 45 fire earth Mp recover 1 Jada

Now get out from building and head back to Mercantille area (I recommend you to kill all enemies while go there). You can heal your party’s health by talking to Medic woman near path to mercantile area (she also gives you a full liquid when you talk to her at the first time).

You will see event with mysterious mercenary and enter tutorial about excel art. After learning about excel art, Niko will come to aid you as a guest. Now go to Dragon Prison (North building near HQ in Military area). I recommend you to level up your characters up to level 8-9 because you can recover your members easily by talking with medic woman. Remember to save before entering the dragon prison!!!

In dragon prison there will be an event and

Boss: Deathchanter (HP: 1325; weakness: fire and wind; strong: earth)
He is quite though for first boss battle. Watch out his Nightmare because it has area damage and can cause sleep to primary target.

Blaze => 161 fire damage to single character
attack=> about 70 damage to single character
Summon undead=> summon slave bone to aid him
Nightmare=> magic (area) do about 200 damage, cause sleep to primary target

After beating him, you will automatically enter dragon prison L1.

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item Area
Slime 53 Dragon prison
gargoyle 82 water earth Dragon prison
Talos 319 fire earth Power ring Dragon prison

Grab Mp quick 1 from treasure near save point. Go to Northwest to obtain 1500 rico and check blue switch at point (1) on my map to activate the elevator. Go to elevator and you will arrive on B1. Head north to grab Bronze guard and Revive Bottle. Before you can get dragon prison map at point (2), you must fight Talos. It is easy and probably drop Power Ring. After getting the map, go east to trigger event and

Boss Battle: Deathchanter (HP: 2224; weakness: fire and wind; strong: earth)

His attack patterns not changing that much, watch out Three cries because it can cause high damage to single characters. You only need to reduce his hp to about 1000 and the battle will end.

Attack=> 100 damage
Three cries => 3 hit combo attack each does about 80-100 damage
mighty charges => Boost his own attack
Deadly strike=> critical attack to single character, cause about 200 damage
Nightmare => magic (area) do about 200 damage, cause sleep to primary target.

Get out from Dragon prison and don’t forget to pick up all items because you can’t go back here. Talk with General Clyde in HQ and then talk with the man who is sitting on the chair to get MP quick 1. Now get out from Jada.

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