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Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Guide Kopin Village to Nabra Jungle

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item
Prin temp 194 earth wind heal liquid
revive bottle
Nospillar 121 water superb cocoon
earth caterpillar horn
flora 121 fire water fragrant petal
cure confusion

Go back to your ship and check brown box to grab Matching dress (outfit). Your destination is Kopin Village on the map. Go there while leveling your characters up to level 15. Enter the town and you will see an event.

Talk with 5th Nomad man to get Kopin village map. Head up and you will see branching path. Go left first and check brown box near sitting man (same custom as nomad man) to obtain rain shard. Talk with Kopin Leader here to free your one of your members. You are finish here for now, head to weapon shop to buy new armor and weapon.

Weapon shop price info
Wild Scimitar 3500 L’arc’s weapon
Draw wand 3500 Ryfia’s weapon
runaway 3500 Serge’s weapon
kastane 3500 Alf’s waepon
Heim footer 3500 Niko’s weapon
Iron plate 2500 Def+17, Res+ 10, SPD -2
Iron guard 2500 Def + 16, Res+11
Battle vest 2500 def +15, res +11
Cotton robes 2500 def +14, def 12
Iron boots 1000 def+2, spd+8
Battle shoes 1000 res +2, Sps+ 10
Vitality ring 1000 HP+100
Power ring 1000 atk+3, def-3
Ray ring 1000 mag+3,res-3
Speed ring 1000 SPd+2
coat 5000 def +5
cape 5000 res +5

Go to magic shop to upgrade your MP for level 1 magic (trust me it will be useful for later) especially for Ryfia (I use her as a healer). Talk with Kopin beside magic shop to get Class Leader. Now get out from this village and head to Nabra Jungle (east from Kopin Village).

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item
flora 121 fire water fragrant petal
cure confusion
Nabra treant 526 fire earth bitter fig
dark red root
nabra funger 186 fire water smelly fungi
wind mansfungi
mos seeder 207 wind earth mos powder
forest eye 152 fire water
killer bee 152 wind earth honey

In this dungeon there will be a plant that will blocked your way, to open the path you must give the plant certain item (red plant = bitter figs, blue plant= smelly fungi). You can get bitter figs from Nabra treant and smelly fungi from nabra fungi (don’t worry it is a common drop you won’t find any trouble finding it).

From starting point go east to take cure paralysis. Go northwest to save your game and continue follow the way to the next area. Grab 3000 Rico from treasure chest and return to save point. From save point go to middle path and enter the next area.

In this area look at my map carefully, don’t take path which is connected by a red line because you are only circling around this area. So go left first and take Lumber blade from the spot, also don’t forget to grab fire gem on the northeast of this area. After getting all the items take middle path (blue line) and enter next area (maze of colors).

Grab the only treasure chest here (coder dress) on the north side of the area. After that just go to northwest path to enter next area (remember to follow blue line).

Grab power ring from treasure on the west and go to save point. Make sure you SAVE your game because upcoming boss battle is very hard IMO. Equip fire gem on your characters (if you followed my walkthrough you should have at least 2 fire gem). Go north to see an event and

BOSS battle: Vifron

hmm at the beginning of the battle you will be told about chaining your attack. The boss has a lot of HP (6633). It is weak to fire and all his main attacks are water and earth elemental, so you can boost your character’s elemental defense (but it is not recommended because you wasted too much turn and MP only to reduce about 50-100 damage).

My strategy, make sure you have full RP at the beginning of the battle so you can quickly summon Simmah to deal about 1000 damage to the boss. After that let one of your character do constant healing with magic (healing with item is useless in this battle except you have a lot of full liquids). 2 other characters use blaze at the same turn so it will synchronize into more powerful spell which will deal about 500-600 damage.

After you ran out of MP, use excel arts to damage this boss. Adel is very useful if she already learned her 2nd excel arts (boost attack and defence for party members), so always keep her alive. At the middle of the battle you will notice about color of the flower, it seems affect this boss attack and defence. Its attack patterns:
(=) Seed of springs/autumn/etc: 2 hit will cause a massive damage to one character (about 190-250 damage per hit). It also inflict bad status to your character (like sleep, silence)
(=) Normal attack
: Does about 100-150 damage to single character (can use this attack twice per turn)
(=) time of sleep: doing nothing, just change his flower color and boost his defence really high (physical attacks do very little damage at this time)
(=) time of awakening: his defence return to normal and will change its attack element
(=) Sunder earth: Ordinary earth spell, do about 190-200 damage
(=) Spread wave: powerful water spell will cause about 400 damage
(=) Harvest festival: It is very deadly 400 damage to all your characters. It seems L’arc will warn you when it gonna use this attack ( say something like I have bad feeling or careful guys), so make sure you defense when heard something like that (I am not defend while Vifron use this attack so it can be less than 400 if you defend this attack). I was at level 17 when fight this battle so I suggest you reach the same level.

After defeating Vifron you will get earth gem. Now get out from Nabra jungle using north exit.

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