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Posted on Aug 12, 2010

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Guide Oceansong road to Diamant

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item
Turtle 325 fire water defense potion
frog 296 fire water frog oil
Gakthis 287 fire water cure poison
revive bottle
Vampire bat 235 wind earth Mid liquid
Mp quick 2
Philtite 268 fire water chewy squid

Go north to see an explanation about breaking enemy’s guard. In this dungeon you must beat a turtle to progress further (they will become stepping stone when they die). Grab the Earth Gem from chest on the north.  Go back and take west path(left), keep go up and when you see branching path keep going up until you grab Exalot from treasure chest. Return to branching path and head north (right) to arrive at the next area.

Keep follow the path and beat another turtle to create a stepping stone. Go right (east) when you see branching path, you should see crumbling wall nearby (2). Check it and Kopin will destroy it for you. Grab chain mail from the chest and go east to take 8000 Rico.  Back to branching path and head north to the next area.

ATTENTION, heal all your characters before you move further and equip fire gem on all your characters. Go up when you are ready and

Boss Battle: Afanc (1st)

It has 3297 HP, very little for boss. Actually it is just1st form, so don’t go all out in this battle. If you have fire magic, then it is easy to beat this form. Always sync your fire magic and destroy raystone so its magic not devastating. Make sure you have a good amount of HP when you kill its first form (about 80%). Attack Patterns:
(0) Acid mail: 2 hit water (100-150 per hit) attack to once character, reduce defense and resistance
(0) Attack: 2 hit physical attack (150 per hit)
(0) Rainy arrow: High damage water magic; 2 hit  (if it sync with raystone, it can cause up to 1200 damage)

Don’t be happy just because you defeat his 1st form because the real battle coming soon

Boss battle: Afanc 2nd

Now it has more HP (6735). At the 1st turn , it will cast Hydro pillar (can kill all your party members if they are at low health). It seems that Afanc only use hydro pillar once but just defeat it ASAP  just in case it can do it again. Don’t forget to destroy raystone and use all your MP to cast fire magic. For healing use mid liquid (Leslie sometimes helps you with healing bullet). Attack Patterns (Afanc can still attack you with attack patterns from previous form):
(0) Hydro pillar: Massive water magic to all members (CAUTION it is devastating)
(0) Rainy arrow: High damage water magic; 2 hit  (if it sync with raystone, it can cause up to 1200 damage)
(0) Acid arm: same like Acid mail but it reduces attack and magic instead of defense and resistance
(0) Spread wave: Low damage water magic (about 400)

After defeating it, go east to enter next area (Dark echo way). Go north (left) when you see branching path. Grab Mid liquid from treasure chest on the north side area. Back to branching spot and head west then south (right) a little to obtain Map. Continue go north until you arrive at Tidal road.

Tidal Road

From here go left to save your game and enter the Dragon Altar. In Dragon Altar go left to climb the stairs. Enter the big door at the next area (Fire librarium, grab dragon altar map here). Get out and continue go upstairs. You will see an event about Adele here. After a long event you will automatically start at finite inn. Go back to Fire Librarium to meet with Sir Weiss. Watch event again and try to get out from this town. The guard will offer you a transport to Diamant City, accept it when you are ready.

Diamant City

Go to Zamuel’s house to meet Cecille and then enter Zamuel’s room and talk with him. Get out from L’arc’s house and talk to Niko. You will get  a reward form General Freya. You are finish here; go to Hangar area (Diamant castle area) and agree to go to Carbunculus.

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