Bastion PC Guide: Pyth Orchard and Cinderbrick Fort |
Posted on Aug 23, 2011

Bastion PC Guide: Pyth Orchard and Cinderbrick Fort

Pyth Orchard

Memento: Plush Pyth

Northwest path is a dead end so leave it alone. Go southeast and keep following the path, destroy the fence at the end of this path. There is a bull miniature over here (remember this spot), continue west until you see petrified people. Go east and grab something coarse. Backtrack and go north until you see a darm with a bull nearby.

Defeat the bull and enter the shrine. You can make the enemy stronger by placing items in this place. You can only place pyth at this moment, so do that to get 10% boost in your exp. Get out and you’ll fight a lot of enemies. Kill them all and then return to the spot where you see a bull miniature for the first time. The bull will come alive, kill it and then go east through the broken fence to obtain Plush Pyth. Go back to the starting point of this dungeon to return to Bastion.

Talk to Zulf about Plush Pyth to add bull miniature in Bastion. Now go to the other places.

Cinderbrick Fort

Memento: Marshall’s badge

Head north, defeat squirts that appear. Go upstairs and defeat gasfellas, continue east while defeating all totem poles. Don’t go upstairs yet, keep continue west and defeat windbags to take blue core. Now go back to the upstairs, press the switch and take Scrap Musket.

Continue north and keep killing all enemies that coming toward you. Go northeast first to take black bottle and blue cores. Continue west and defeat 3 squirt throwers, continue upstairs, defeat enemies and then enter arsenal to change your weapon if you want (you’ll be automatically recover your health once you enter the arsenal).

Continue past the bull’s gate, grab the core and continue north. Go upstairs to the east, destroy the boxes before they  pop up to obtain more blue cores. Continue following the path until the music change. Go west while killing the fire totems (be careful they can hurt you really bad, kill them by using long range weapon for your safety).

Go upstairs and you’ll arrive at the giant area. You need to kill all enemies over there to open bull’s gate on the west. After defeating all of the enemies, take  Marshall’s badge and get out from this place.

Proving Ground Zulwood Grove

You use Scrap Musket in this area. The prizes are:

  • Something Coarse
  • Something Foul
  • Scrap Salvo

This may be the easiest proving ground available in this game. My suggestions are:

  • Get the third prize (something coarse) from the Zulwood grove and then return to Bastion
  • Go to Forge and upgrade your Scrap Musket (spread range and knockback effect)
  • You DON”T NEED TO destroy the objects, you can simply knock them out from the platform
  • See my video to get a clear idea. (sorry for the BGM, I am using Starcraft protoss BGM when recording the gameplay T T, won’t happen on the next time)

Proving Ground: The Scrap Yard

You’ll use Cael Hammer in this area. The prizes are

  • Something Heavy
  • Something wrong
  • Stunning Whallo

Tips: To obtain 1st priz, you need to use evade roll to help you destroy the objects. Use your hammer on strong objects (un-destroyable by rolling dash).

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