Bastion PC Guide: Roathus Lagoon and Point Lemaign |
Posted on Aug 25, 2011

Bastion PC Guide: Roathus Lagoon and Point Lemaign

Roathus Lagoon

Memento: Anklegator’s egg

Destroy plants that block your path, continue and defeat peckers that coming at you. Go right and take blue cores, anklegator will come to attack you when you go west. Grab sneaky decoy , use it to kill pincushion that stand on the west platform. Continue south and you’ll see queen Anne, follow queen Anne and kill Stinkweed that block your path.

Grab Brusher’s pike and defeat anklegator that appears. Continue east to the north and kill all pincushions that waiting for you. Go north and enter the arsenal to recover your stock and change your weapon (I use Brusher’s pike and breaker’s bow). Continue east to anklegator’s nest, defeat the anklegator so you can continue east (there is 20 blue cores on the northwest).

Follow the path and go north to where stinkweed resides. The queen won’t attack you over there, kill the stinkweed and grab something pointy”. Continue and head east when you see giant granite stone block your path, grab 1 health bottle and an anklegator egg.

Backtrack and destroy giant granite stone. Move forward and grab the shard. Now you need to defeat the queen so you can return to Bastion.

Tips: Let the queen come at you (look at her horn), when she is nearby dash/evade toward her and then use brusher’s pike to attack her. It takes about 10 hits to kill her. She will summon peckers and pincushions to aid her in this battle. Use sneaky decoy to kill pincushions so you can concentrate against the queen.

Point Lemaign

Memento: Sealed Note

Move forward and defeat peckers, bombs, vineapple. Grab Army Carbine and continue north until you arrive at the rail. Continue forward to the next platform. Keep going west (ignore north path, there is only blue cores and anklegators).

Keep going west to the arsenal. Recover and then head north until you see the shard. Grab it and move west to the rail. Move until you see a giant wood block your path, destroy it and then grab “something fancy”. Continue and you’ll see survivor at the end of the path. Talk to him and return to Bastion.

Tips: Talk to Zia and talk about sealed note and ceramic pot. There will be ceramic pot near smoking pipe which grants you an access to who knows where :D.

Proving Ground Camp Dauncy

You use Brusher’s pike in this place. The Prizes are

  • Something Pointy (up to you)
  • Something Nasty (under 90 secs)
  • Brusher sweep (under 60 secs)

Tips on getting the first prize:

  • Upgrade your pike (hollowed shaft; faster throw reload)
  • Equip Hearty Pouch, Stabsinthe, and Bull’s Brandy (in distillery)
  • Watch video below and follow my footstep 😀

This method requires you to die 2 times and explode nearby pincushions.

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