Bastion PC Guide: The Melting Pot, The Sundown Path, and The Hanging Gardens |
Posted on Aug 23, 2011

Bastion PC Guide: The Melting Pot, The Sundown Path, and The Hanging Gardens

Go to Skywalk and then choose any place that you want to go first. I choose

The Melting Pot

Memento: Ancient spices

Tips: destroy barbed plants with long range weapon so you’re not damaged when hitting them

There are 2 paths in this area. Go northeast first to obtain “something nasty”, it’ll make an enemy appears, defeat it and then backtrack to the southwest. You’ll see a core but it’s trapped inside the cage. Grab trip mine over there and destroy objects nearby. Press the switch to lift up the cage, but it’ll take some time and enemies will come to attack you. Just defeat them until you can grab the core.

Tips: There are no special/hard enemies in this place. Just place trip mine and lure the enemy toward it.

The Sundown Path

As you arrive in this place, you’ll learn that the core has gone away. It’ll make the platform unstable, so be careful when walking on it. Continue until you reach sparkling platform, check it to continue your journey. Refill your health at the fountain and move forward until you find “hand grenade’. Use it to kill enemies that appears. You can ignore sparkling spot nearby because it only leads to black and health bottle which are useless because you’re already at the end of this dungeon. Continue to exit from this place.

Proving Ground: Trapper Shingle

You need to destroy all objects to claim the first prize. The prizes are

  • Something nasty
  • Something greasy (48-63 objects)
  • Snooze bolt (64 objects)

Tips: You should have one “something nasty”, use it to upgrade your fang repeater. Go to the trapper shingle and get the third prize (something nasty; it’s very easy).Go back to Bastion and upgrade your fang repeater to level 2. Now equip speed clip (+55% reloading speed) and heavy bolt (+50 % damage). You can destroy the objects easily now, Make sure you do evade roll when reloading to progress quickly.

Proving Ground: Windbag Ranch

Kill all enemies quickly. The prizes are

  • Something sharp
  • Something pointy (under 1:30)
  • Ghost blade (under 1 minute)

Tips to obtain first prize:

  • Upgrade your machete to level 1. Choose critical +20%
  • Stay in the middle of platform to kill all squirts that coming from the ground.
  • Start targeting squirt throwers once you have done that
  • Kill totem enemies by throw your machete (don’t attack them normally)
  • Haunt the rest of squirt

See my video to get a clue what you need to do :D.

Hanging Gardens

Memento: Ura sigil

Move south following the path, you’ll see 2 petrified people along your path (it’s all up to you to destroy them or not). Continue until you see a minotaur gate, defeat 2 fire totem that appear (watch their fire  can deal a lot of damage). Defeat all totem inside the gate and continue until you see Grady Junior and Senior, grab Ura sigil that located south east of them.

Continue west, defeat Gasfellas and grab the core. Continue north and save Zulf.You’ll be automatically back to Bastion. You can build a new building now (I choose to build lost and found).

Tips: Buy Bastion Bourbon to increase your healing bottle capacity (You need to equip it from Distillery).

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  1. Bludragon says:

    ummmm the black tonics and health bottles give you 10 xp each if your health and tonics are full, so they aren’t so useless after all.

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