Bastion PC Guide: Zulten’s Hollow and The Tazal Terminal |
Posted on Aug 27, 2011

Bastion PC Guide: Zulten’s Hollow and The Tazal Terminal

Zulten’s hollow

Defeat riflemen and spearmen at the beginning of this stage. Take the calamity cannon and continue west to the north, defeat all enemies in the intersection and head west to obtain blue cores. Destroy snow stones that block your path on the north. Enter the arsenal to recover your health (I suggest you to equip calamity cannon and brusher’s pike).

Continue west and destroy 4 white pillars (conductors). Defeat rattle tails and head south, destroy the white pillars behind the black granites (see the screenshot if you are confused) to open the path. Grab blue cores and something burnt. Backtrack to the north and defeat 2 stink eyes generators. Go east to grab something foul. Continue north and defeat another stink generator, shoot white pillars behind black granites to continue your journey to the northwest.

Continue north and destroy 4 pillars, head south west to grab child’s drawing. Head north and talk to Zia.

Proving Ground Mancer Observatory

Last proving ground in this game. You’ll use calamity cannon. The prizes are:

  • Something Wrong
  • Something Burnt
  • Calamity Rockets

Tips on getting the first prize:

  • This level is skill oriented if you choose not to upgrade your cannon to the fullest (after you have obtained 3rd prize from this stage, you should have 5 something wrong). Just keep practicing until you can defeat them all. I think Stabilized emitter is a must for this path (other upgrades like increase charge up speed will help you tremendously).
  • If you don’t want to train for this part then just upgrade your cannon to maximum level and then use homing ability (tracking processors). Just press “shift” and right click 😀 after you have that ability.

The Tazal Terminal

Memento: Hop Scotch

Move west and defeat laser totems and destroy wooden block. Move west and defeat Ura’s samurai, archer, and riflemen. Continue an destroy giant snowball that block your path, kill all ura’s men in the square and continue northeast to blue flag arrow symbol.

Tips: always destroy the conductor, it grants you black bottle.

You’ll be carried to the next area. Head north and grab Hop Scotch, you can jump now. Jump north to the next platform. Continue and the platform will start falling down , just follow the path until you can see the skywalk. Use it to go up, defeat Ura’s super spear men and jump east to small platform. Keep following the small platform until you reach the mini ferry which will carry you to the next area.

Head south and light both of the switches on the left and right. Continue and grab battering ram, backtrack and destroy bull’s gate with battering ram. Destroy blue granite that located on the south with battering ram until you find the ferry again.

Defeat all Ura that are waiting for you with battering ram’s secret skill. Continue east until you see the shard, You can’t grab it yet though. You need to defeat the enemy until you fight with Ura’s spearmen that carry the shard. Once you have get the shard continue east and you’ll see Zulf.

You get 2 options over here. Follow the path and you’ll return to Bastion. In bastion place the shard and you’ll be offered by 2 options again. Choose whatever you wish (the ending will be different). And congratulations you just beat Bastion and unlocked new game +.

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