Posted on Aug 23, 2011

Bastion PC Guide

Bastion PC/ XBOX 360 Guide

Release Date : 16 August 2011 (PC)

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: PC (Digital download), Xbox 360

Developer: Supergiant Games

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


Main Guide

1. Prologue

This section covers:
[0] Wharf District
[0] The Workmen Ward
[0] Proving Ground: Breaker’s Barrack

2. Part 1 (rescue Zulf)

This section covers:
[0] The melting pot
[0] The Sundown Path
[0] The Hanging Gardens
[0] Proving Ground: Trapper Shingle
[0] Proving Ground: Winding Ranch

3. Part 3

[0] Pyth Orchard
[0] Cinderbrick fort
[0] Proving Ground The Scrap yard
[0] Proving ground Trapper Shingle

4. Part 4 (rescue the singer)

[0] Langston River
[0] Prosper bluff
[0] Proving Ground Bullhead Court

5. Part 5 (Zulf..)

[0] The Wild Outskirts
[0] Jawson Bog
[0] Proving Ground Slinger Range

6. Part6 (letter to Zia)

[0] Roathus Lagoon
[0] Point Lemaign
[0] Proving ground Camp Dauncy

7. Part 7 (Colford Cauldron and Mount Zand)

[0] Colford Cauldron
[0] Mount Zand
[0] Proving Ground Trigger Hill
[0] Proving Ground Boundless Bay

8. Part 8 (Bastion under attack)

[0] Burstone Quarry
[0] Urzendra Gate
[0] Proving Ground Grady Incinerator

9. Last Part (End of the Story)

[0] Zulten’s hollow
[0] The Tazal Terminal
[0] Proving Ground Mancer Observatory

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011.

Bastion is copyright of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


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