Bastion PC Walkthrough: Colford Cauldron and Mount Zand |
Posted on Aug 25, 2011

Bastion PC Walkthrough: Colford Cauldron and Mount Zand

Colford Cauldron

Tips: Use Brusher’s pike so you can engage bombs easily. Turn your face away from them and then quickly face them again to attack them. Sneaky decoy may come handy in this place 😀

Move forward and watch out for the yellow sunflower. Continue and defeat green stinkeyes. Forward and grab Fire bellow, use it to burn enemies and brambles nearby, so you can continue your journey. Go northeast to obtain “something heavy”.

Continue southeast walking through the field that filled with “Stinkeyes” (use sneaky decoy to avoid them easily). Continue to the east until you see arsenal and “something pointy” on the ground. Recover your stock and change your weapon if you want (I bring brusher’s pike, fire bellow, and sneaky decoy).

Continue west and kill all plant enemies along the path (fire bellow can kill them easily as it can deal high damage even when they’re on shield mode). Walk past the stinkeye’s field and then grab the shard. Backtrack and take the shortcut that cauldron provides for you. Use the skybridge and you’ll see biggest stinkeye you ever seen until now :D.

Continue until you reach another skybridge and then return to Bastion.

Mount Zand

Memento: Fine gramophone

Move north and be careful when you’re fighting with frogator because you can’t see where your character and enemy’s location. Move north a little then east after you have killed 2 anklegators to obtain “something greasy” (right of the campfire). Backtrack west to obtain a lot of blue cores and healing fruits.

Continue north and take galleon mortar from the ship. Head east to find an arsenal and fine gramophone. Backtrack and head west, follow the path until you see 5 pincushions. Defeat them by using galleon mortar while taking cover behind the fence. Continue to skybridge and use it.

Grab the shard and head north.You need to kill 2 lungblossom to get out from this area. Use Galleon mortar to defeat all enemies near the lungblossom first. It may cause a chain explosion that will damage the lungblossom. Go to the skybridge once you have defeated both of them.

Proving Ground Trigger hill

You use rifle in this proving ground. It’s easy to get a first prize in this place. The prizes are:

  • Something fancy
  • Something coarse
  • Trigger blitz

Tips on getting the first prize:

  • If you have followed my guide from the beginning of the game you should have minimum 3 “something fancy” (1 from the third prize in this area)
  • Upgrade your rifle (Speed tuning, Marksman barrel, Insulated chamber)
  • Now just aim using shift button and shoot all the targets easily (wait until 2 white lines become one line)

Proving Ground Boundless Bay

You use galleon mortar in this place. You need to kill as many squirts as possible within 5 mortars. The prizes are:

  • Something burnt
  • Something heavy
  • Bomb barrage (80 casualties)

Tips on getting the first prize:

  • Upgrade your mortar with burstone bombs (+25% blast radius); it’s level 1 upgrade 😀
  • Calculate your throw’s timing, so you hit moving squirts on the ground. It’s easy to do ; ]

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