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Bastion PC Walkthrough: Prologue Wharf District to The Workmen Ward

The kid will wake up from his sleep, follow the path to then north. You’ll find your old friend (Cael hammer, his companion is hammer ??). Continue and kill first enemy (Gasfella) you meet along the path. Go southeast first to obtain some blue crystals. Continue north and take the “fang repeater”.

Tips: Kill all small enemies by holding “shift” to lock on the enemy.

Move north and you’ll arrive at the fountain. You can keep up to 3 bottles to heal your HP when needed (press “F” button). Go west (left) to obtain Crystal Barette; there are some crystals on the east (right). Continue to the Saloon.

Tips: Try to fall from the platform to trigger funny narrator.


Take the shield and it’ll activate security system. Kill all enemies that appear before you.

Tips: You can stun the enemies by blocking their attack, you can also bounce their attacks.

You’ll be told to jump out from the window after you have killed them all.

ATT: Before jumping out you can destroy bartender’s statue. The narrator tell me that It’s Rondy’s wish, so I think it’s okay to destroy him.

The Wharf District

Take the bow at the starting point of this area, kill the enemy that appears. Go south to the narrow path to obtain “Something Stringy”. Continue east and take “whirlwind” at the small path, you can do a powerful attack now (Q button).

Tips: Use whirlwind at this moment because you can find the wine bottles easily.

Continue north and you’ll see 2 buildings over there.

  • Distillery: You can put an item on this building. You can consider this as equipment like in other RPGs.
  • Arsenal: Change your weapon and powerful attack in this building; you can only bring 2 weapons and 1 power attack at the same time.

Get out from the building and head southeast, board the ship.

Tips: You can kill all security dummies easily by one power shoot from your  “breaker’s bow”. Shoot the arrow as soon as your body flashing white.

Kill all enemies on the ship and move to the next platform. Grab something heavy and then uou’ll meet with 2 giants scumbags; watch out for liquid that come out from them each time you hit them. It’ll slow your movement and damage the kid. Grab all crystals on this platform once you have killed all enemies over here.

Continue and take the “core” to open a new path. Just continue until you reach Skywalk at the end of this path. You can also falling down to arrive at Bastion quickly.

The Bastion

Continue north and you’ll meet with the narrator. Talk to him and show him 3 items that you have got from your journey before. Go to the middle and place the core. The Bastion will come alive, go west and you can create one building over there (distillery or arsenal; I suggest you to build distillery though). Go north to the skywalk, you can fly to other places.

Proving Ground: Breaker’s barrack

Destroy the objects to obtain the prizes.You need to do power shoot to destroy the target practice in one shoot.

Tips: Aim for the shadow to predict your arrow’s path.

  • Something stringy more than 10
  • Something fancy less than 10
  • Breaker’s volley: 5 shots or less

The Workmen Ward

You’re arrive in small square, there are 4 paths over here (the directions  provided in this section are based on your screen position; up is north)

  • Northeast
    Forge location. You can upgrade your weapon over there.
  • Northwest
    Grab Ragged hood along your path. Core location; you need to defeat enemies to unlock it.
  • Southwest
    War machete (new weapon) and squirt lure ability
  • Southeast
    enemy; old scumbags Gershell. Kill it for extra experience

after exploring all of them, you can return to Bastion by checking the glittering spot on the starting point of this area. Place the core and you can buidl another building on Bastion (I build arsenal).

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