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Posted on Aug 26, 2011

Bastion Xbox360 Guide: Burstone Quarry and Urzendra Gate

Burstone Quarry

Tips: bring one melee weapon (I choose brusher’s pike) and galleon mortar. Galleon mortar works well in this dungeon

Destroy the woods that block your path, defeat new enemy (rattletails) with galleon mortar. You’ll find that windbag is your friend. Defeat pincushions to continue your journey. Press the switch and kill pincushion in front of the switch.

Press the switch near 2 stinkeyes and continue east. Defeat frogator that trapped inside the granite before you activate the switch. Forward and activate another switch, defeat 2 rattletails. Go rnoth to grab giant blue cores, backtrack and head east to press the switch.

Enter the arsenal and defeat pincushions before you destroy the cart that blocks your path. Press the switch that located on the south, continue south and grab something stringy at the end of the path. Bactrack and head east until you find Sir lunky.

Hurt him and he will run away, grab something coarse that located on the northwest. Go southeast pass the bull’s gate, you’ll see zulf. Talk to him about fractured monument, press the switch and then grab the shard. Continue east and use the skybridge to return to Bastion.


Memento: Harp Guitar

Defeat spearmen that coming toward you (defend and counter his attack when he stunned by your shield). The path to bastion is blocked so head east and take Harp guitar on the path. Proceed and use skybridge at the end of the path to go to the middle part of Bastion. Defeat all enemies over there and see an event.

Place the shard and you’ll need the last shard. So go to skywalk and choose

Urzendra Gate

  • Day one
    Move forward and defeat 2 Ura’s riflemen. Continue to
  • Day two, afternoon
    Defeat frogator and continue by destroying the plants that block your path.Continue
  • Day 3, Morning
    Go south to the lower floor to obtain some blue cores. Backtrack and head west, Defeat 2 Ura’s Riflemen and grab “something fancy” on the northwest side of this platform. Move east and board the ship to
  • Day three, dusk
    Move forward, defeat ura’s spearmen and
  • Day three, night
    Defeat ura’s spearmen and head north
  • Day five, morning
    Destroy peckers and blue crystals; continue north and head west before destroy the crystals that located in front of you to obtain “something wrong”. Continue north
  • Day six, Afternoon
    just keep follow the path until you reach next day (the path is covered by blue cores :D, you’ll fight with 2 riflemen before you reach the next day).
  • Day seven, Dawn
    Go north and you’ll find the shard. Unfortunately something happen, defeat all birds and then head to skyway to get out from this place.

Proving Ground Grady Incinerator

You use fire bellow in this area. You need to defeat peckers within time limits. The prizes are:

  • Something foul
  • Something sharp
  • Ring of fire (72 peckers)

This is one of the easiest proving grounds in this game. Tips:

  • Upgrade your fire bellow to lvl 3 (Sustainable fuel, napalm reservoir , and cooling intake)
  • Just press shift and use fire bellow to kill all the peckers (I still got 12 secs left in my timer when did this quest)

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