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Posted on Aug 24, 2011

Bastion Xbox360 Guide: The Wild Outskirts and Jawson Bog

The Wild Outskirts

Check the broken log (hidden stash) and you’ll obtain dueling pistol. Move forward and you’ll meet a new enemy (pincushions). Block its rapid fire by using your shield then counter attack. Move forward and you’ll face 2 pincushions at the same time. They’re hard; use your dueling pistol to outer after you have blocked their attacks.

Move forward and kill peckers that guarding the core. Grab the core and you can get out from this place. Go north and you’ll arrive at the giant area. BE CAREFUL, THE AREA IS PRETTY BIG AND THERE ARE MANY STRONG ENEMIES. There is “something greasy” in that area, so search it before you head southeast to the exit portal. Exit portal is guarded by anklegator, be careful because it can deals a lot of damage, evade and use your dueling pistols.

Go back to Bastion and you’ll notice that Zulf has left Bastion. Talk to the narrator and singer , grab the fractured monument. Try to place the core and it’ll trigger an event.

Tips: You can check the pipe to go to “Who Knows where“. You can train in this place and gather blue cores to upgrade or buy items.

Jawson Bog

Just keep follow the path until you reach the shard. You’ll be automatically teleported to

  • Prosper Bluff

Move forward and watch out for flying bomb that coming toward you. Use your shield to block them!! Talk to siren after you have killed all of them.

Tips: The bombs will stop moving when you see their eyes.

  • The Hanging Gardens

Destroy petrified people and then face 3 windbags and 1 giant squirt. Move forward and talk to surrender.

  • The Bastion

Move forward and to the core and you’ll be attacked by peckers, anklegators and shield plant. Go north to

  • Saloon

Defeat all the enemies and then destroy Rondy’s statue.

  • The Rippling Walls

Move forward and destroy Pyth the bull that block your path. Defeat Kid’s clone and forward to

  • Ordinary Campsite

Take the ore from the mine cart and pack the ore on the wagon. Take wood and place it on campfire. Rest on the bed.

You’ll be back at Jawson Bog again, grab the shard and then continue south. Defeat Bootlickers and grab blue cores nearby. Continue and you’ll see Lungblossom. Use your secret skill at the Lungblossom to kill it quickly, watch out for bootlicker and pincushions!!( they can kill you quickly, ready to press your health potion button). Check the skywalk to return to Bastion.

Proving Ground Slinger Range

You use dual pistols in this area. I really like this proving because it’s so exciting :D. The prizes are:

  • Something greasy
  • Something stringy
  • Slinger storm

You need to score baove 700 to obtain the first prize. Here are few tips to get a first prize:

  • Upgrade your dual pistols (damage and accuracy)
  • ready to press shift key (lock on button)
  • turn your BGM off and raise your speaker volume
  • as soon as you hear “woof” or whatever sound that scarecrow make, press that lock on button and then tap the fire button quickly (right click in PC version; Don’t hold the button, it’s too slow)
  • repeat until you kill 10 scarecrows

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