Bastion Xbox360 Walkthrough: Langston River and Prosper Bluff |
Posted on Aug 24, 2011

Bastion Xbox360 Walkthrough: Langston River and Prosper Bluff

Langston River

Go right first to obtain some blue cores, back to the west and destroy all objects and windbags. Press the switch on the ferry to use it. As soon as you arrive on the other platform go northwest to the small square to get 1 health bottle. Continue following the path and enter arsenal nearby (enter it even if you don’t want to switch your weapon, entering arsenal will recover your health and black bottle supply).

Continue to the other side and grab the core. Now your goal is to go back to the starting point of this area, you’ll meet new enemies along your way over there (peckers). Board the ship (fire totems are your firend), just keep defeat enemies that coming toward you.The switch on your ship will be destroyed and you’ll arrive at the new platform.

Defeat 2 giant peckers that waiting for you. After defeating them, there will be an opening on the ground. Enter it

TIPS: Go right before going down to get black and health bottle.

Prosper Bluff

Memento: Hellbound journal

Destroy giant wood block and then continue to the southeast. Press the switch to open bull’s gate, continue and you’ll see another locked gate. Go southeast to find another switch that will unlock that gate and unlock a skybridge. Check the skybridge so you can continue your journey.

Another locked gate….. Go southeast and activate the switch and then use sky bridge. Continue and do the same thing as you did before :D. Move forward and press the switch on the north to open another bull’s gate. Ignore the bull gate nearby, press the switch on the south and then enter previous bull gate and use the sky bridge. Continue forward and move right when you see bull’s gate, use the skybridge to reach the switch that will open this bull’s gate.

Destroy giant wood blocks and then press the switch. Continue and grab hidebound journal, continue and talk to the singer to exit from this place (I forgot the check “stream near this girl, so please check it and please tell me what happen from checking it).

Go back to Bastion, talk to Singer and place the core. There is only one core left :D.

Proving Ground Bullhead Court

You must kill all enemies by using bullhead shield (press it at the moment of impact to damage the enemies). The prizes are blue cores (256  blue cores; 1st prize give you 2500 cores). All you need are practice and remember timing when to block the upcoming attack.

Tips: You don’t need to kill Scumbag in the last wave, just make him dash to the outside of the platform. Stand on the edge and then when its eye growing bigger, dash away quickly.

wave enemy
1st wave 1 normal totem
2nd wave 2 normal totem
3rd wave 1 medium windbag
4th wave 3 normal totem
5th wave 2 small windbag
6th wave 1 dragon totem
7th wave 1 dashing windbag
8th wave 2 dragon totems
9th wave 3 squirts
10th wave 1 dash windbag, 1 windbag
11th wave 2 dragon totems
12th wave Scumbag

Main Menu


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