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Battleheart Legacy Battlemage Skill


Battlemage demand Strength (STR) and Intelligence (INT)

How to Unlock

Finish Desert Outpost: Fugitive Hideout Quest. Visit THIS PAGE for the guide.

Skill Tree

Battleheart Legacy Battlemage Mentor

To learn about battlemage skill talk to the battlemage. He’s available at Mage Tower Headmaster room and The Capital City Center Academy.

Type Skill Effect STR INT Coins Cooldown
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Flame Weapon Battlemage Flame Weapon While active, weapon attacks deal fire damage, are strengthened by your spell power, and have 10% increased critical chance. 8 8 50 10
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Mana Strike Mana Strike Requires Flame, Artic, or Thundering Weapon active, and behaves differently with each. Changing elements resets Mana Strike’s cooldown 10 9 75 10
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Arcane Potency Arcane Potency Increases critical damage with spells by 50% 11 11 100
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Arctic Weapon Arctic Weapon While active, weapon attacks deal ice damage, are strengthened by your spell power and randomly chill your foes. Lasts until cancelled 13 12 125 10
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Ghost Hand Ghost Hand Your target is seized by an arcane force, pulling them into melee range and briefly stunning them in the process. 15 14 150 6
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Timewarp Skill Time Warp Grants a 5% chance for your abilities to not consume their cooldown when used. 17 16 175
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Thundering Weapon Thundering Weapon While active, weapon attacks deal lightning damage, are strengthened by your spell power, and randomly stun your foes. Lasts until cancelled. 19 18 200 10
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Spell Eater Spell Eater Grants you a 20% chance that whenever you are struck by a spell, it heals you instead of harming you. 21 21 225
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Backlash Backlash Removes all negative status effects from your body, and unleashes a retaliatory explosion around you. 24 23 250 1
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Elemental Warding Elemental Warding Reduces all fire, frost, and lightning damage taken by 25% 26 26 275
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Twin Discipline Twin Disciplines Your physical attacks have a 10% chance to grant your next magic attack 100% chance to critical strike 29 29 300
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Silence Silence Disrupt the magical abilities of all nearby enemies, preventing them from casting spells for 8 seconds. 32 32 325 25
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Aegis Skill Icon Aegis Grants a mystical shield which absorbs damage equal to 5x your spell power. If the shield breaks, your damage dealt is increased by 20% for 5 seconds. 35 36 350 15

The skill tree is complete now. Thanks to Mike who have helped me with the info and pictures.

You need 61 status points to learn all Battlemage skills.

Tips and Tricks

Will be added later.

Battleheart Legacy Guide Main Page

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8 Responses to “Battleheart Legacy Battlemage Skill”

  1. A says:

    If i kill he i cant got battlemage clases?

  2. Vicente Sarmento says:

    This guy is a steamroller. What Mike described, changing the elemental of the weapon is, almost, overpowered.

    If you equip Battlemage with something that recover life as you do damage, you will finish some maps without using potions. Any potion at all.

    I branched my mage to a battlemage and I don’t regret it. Now I have a problem: i don’t want to play with simple mage anymore. LOL.

    Every player should build one battlemage, that’s for sure.

  3. VegaXI says:

    Hi thanks for the guide, but can I check? I have been looking for the encounter after meeting the Mage at the outpost but it has been over hours and I have leveled from 7 to 11 just from encounters looking for him? Is there anyway that you can help me??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      From my experience, it’s not that hard to find him. Maybe you have chosen the wrong answer (read how to unlock battle mage section for more info).

    • Dhanushka says:

      Exactly, you probably didn’t choose your words wisely. I don’t think you asked him whether he can teach you how to the flaming sword. You probably said that the loot was yours. In case you do find him again be friendly toward him.
      If I were you I would restart the game since your still only a level 11.
      But you could continue your journey without

  4. Mike says:

    A short review of the battlemage class: this class is SICK. I just got a thundering weapon skill and that’s where battlemage has most of his power. Changing the element your weapon is charged with will reset the mana strike cooldown. The “fire” mana strike is a 360° attack (which actually damages enemies twice), “ice” mana strike is something like ice spikes travelling in a straight line and dealing quite a lot of damage (the damage of “elemental” weapon and mana strike depends on both physical damage and spell power), and the “lighting” mana strike is a single target spell with massive damage. If you use cooldown reducing pieces of equipment you can spam with mana strikes in all directions just by resetting it again and again by changing weapon elements. The class is easily combined with Knight and Witch (Knight requires STR and END, Mage needs STR and INT and Witch requires INT and END), which means you can greatly increase your survivability with shield damage reduction buff and intimidate skill. I also use Paladin’s damage and healing buffs, which makes the character very tough with all that damage output.
    I’m playing on hard, and this class is veeeeery enjoyable.

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