Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Battleheart Legacy Boss: Keeper of Eastern Sun

Suggested Level: 24
Experience: 650

The 1st boss who guards the solar crystal is a necromancer and barbarian hybrid. It’s located on the Eastern Chaos Tower, for specific location visit THIS PAGE (it’s located at D3=3)

Battleheart Legacy 1st Solar Crystal Boss

His attack patterns

[0] Summons 4 skeleton warriors: You can affect these skeleton with charm, stun, etc. If you have charm skill (like my ranger build), I suggest you use it on skeleton mage, because it can heal other enemies.
[0] Tornado: It will slow your movement,  and please don’t tank this attack (especially if you’re a range character), because it deals a lot of damage!!
[0] Quake: It’s like Barbarian Skill, you can evade this attack simply by going left or right (He always does this 3 times in a row, so don’t stand after evading the first quake!!).
[0] Red Body (???): His defense is going up drastically!!

My setup when defeating this boss


Level 25

Bow and Armor are the best ones those available on The Capital: City Center

My accessories
[0] Vintage Chardonnay (+ 5 weapon power, + 5% Life Drain)
[0] Choker of the Red Feast (+10% Life Drain)

Those accessories are available on the forbidden library once I reach level 25.

Here is the video when I fought this boss

I only use premeditate on charm, so I can disable skeleton mage and make the boss attack it. It will give you a lot of time to deals damage to the boss. While the boss attacking the skeleton mage, remember to use your multitarget attacks on other enemies.

Video/Guide for other classes will come (If i play the game with those classes)

Please leave comment, if you have any questions, tips (for this class and other classes), etc.

Battleheart Legacy Guide Main Page

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  1. Mike says:

    Well… I haven’t even used potions on that boss playing as the battlemage… I use paladin’s damage and healing buffs with mana strikes:)

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