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Battleheart Legacy Boss Western Keeper

Suggested Level: 26
Experience: 700

The 2nd boss who guards the solar crystal is a Ninja and Ranger hybrid. It’s located on the Western Chaos Tower, for specific location visit THIS PAGE (it’s located at A2=2)

Battleheart legacy Western Keeper

His attack patterns

[0] Summon 4 ninjas: The ninjas are very quick and can attack in both melee and range, they have low HP though so you can kill them quickly
[0] Blade rush (3): Really dangerous and hard to evade. Movement speed will help you dodge this attack
[0] Incendiary arrow: Make sure you move from the fire on the ground that appears from incendiary arrow.

My setup when defeating this boss


Level 27

Bow and Armor are the best ones those available on The Capital: City Center

My accessories
[0] Vintage Chardonnay (+ 5 weapon power, + 5% Life Drain)
[0] Choker of the Red Feast (+10% Life Drain)

Those accessories are available on the forbidden library once I reach level 25.

I only use premeditate on charm, so I can disable summoned ninja and make the boss attack it. It will give you a lot of time to deals damage to the boss. While the boss attacking the ninja, remember to use your multitarget attacks on other enemies.

Here is the video when I fought this boss

Video/Guide for other classes will come (If i play the game with those classes)

Please leave comment, if you have any questions, tips (for this class and other classes), etc.

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  1. Dhanushka says:

    Would you like em to record my battle with the third solar shard? It no trouble, I can also do it as full wizard, necromancer, battlemage and ranger. I can will be able to do it in full rogue and full monk a little later.

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