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Battleheart Legacy Class Guide Rogue


Rogue demands on dexterity (DEX) and skill (SKI)

How to unlock

Rogue is available from the beginning of the game and does not require anything special to unlock.

Skill Tree

Battleheart Academy SymbolBattleheart Legacy Rogue Mentor

You need to talk with Rogue Mentor to learn about Rogue Skill. He can be found on Academy. Academy is available at Eston and “The Capital: City Center“.

Type Skill Effect STR DEX SKL Coins Cooldown
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Sneak Attack Sneak Attack Deals 6.5x normal damage, and gain 20% additional dodge chance for 3 sec 6 50 9
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Poisoned Knife Poisoned Knife Throw a poisoned dagger at your target, which deals continuous damage over 10 seconds 7 6 75 6
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Twist the Blade Twist the Blade If your target is effected by a damage over time effect, you deal 10% increased damage to them. 9 7 100
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Stealth Stealth Vanish into the shadows. Any attacks will cancel stealth 11 8 125 1
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Lethal Edge Lethal Edge Increase critical strike chance with daggers and swords by 10% 6 13 9 150
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Thievery Thievery Can be used to pickpocket your enemies for extra loot, or open locks on the treasure chest. 6 16 11 175 1
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Paralytic Knife Paralytic Knife Thow a poisoned dagger at your target, which renders them paralyzed for 6 seconds. 6 19 12 200 20
PassiveBattle heart Legacy Rogue Coup de Grace Coup de Grace Increases damage against stunned/knocked down enemies by 20% 7 22 13 225
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Envenom Rogue Skill Envenom Apply poison to your weapons, causing your next 5 weapons strikes to deal 30% more damage as pure poison. 7 25 15 250
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Pursuit Icon Pursuit Increases movement speed by 20% 7 29 16 275
ActiveBattle heart Legacy Expose Weakness Expose Weakness A precision strike that permanently disrupts a target’s damage resistances, leaving them highly vulnerable. Stacks up to 3 times. 9 32 17 300
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Crippling Blow Crippling Blows Your attacks steadily weaken your foe, reducing their damage dealt by 2%, stacking up to 5x. 10 35 19 325
ActiveBattleheart LEgacy Shadowstep Rogue Shadow Step Vanish into the shadows, teleport behind your target, and perform a lethal strike for 7.5x normal weapon damage. Requires a dagger. 11 39 21 350 20

The skill tree is complete now. Thanks to Mike who have helped me with the info and pictures.

You need 56 Status points to get all Rogue skill.

Tips and Tricks

Rogue’s skill really synergizes with Ranger, make sure you take both of their skills on the go. Stealth is really awesome with attack all ranger’s skill which can probably kill one of your enemies.

Poison and paralyze skills of rogue also help keep out of the enemies of the ranger.

If you seem can’t past the dungeon, then use stealth to move undetected, so you can keep potion for a “must” battle.

More tips will be added later. More tips will be added later. If you have any tips on using this class, please leave it on the comment.

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  1. Johnson says:

    Something that is cool although a wizard/rogue wouldn’t really synergize, but if you get the move teleport on the wizard tree, you can activate teleport and then stealth so your are teleporting while still invisible.

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