Posted on May 29, 2014

Battleheart Legacy Complete Guide, Tips, and Hints

Battleheart Legacy Complete Guide

Battleheart Legacy featured

Leveling Guide and World Map

Quest Guide

Boss Guide

Complete Skill Trees, Tips and Recommended Builds

Total Class = 12 (All skills are completed now, Thanks to Mike)

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  1. Georg Prime says:

    Hi, just a question, when u finish the game and start a New Game+, u dont lose your previous character right? (it wont reset everything), it just starts a new save slot with a character from lvl 1 again?? (meaning I could visit my old character again if i decided to lvl him up more?)

  2. Neoalffx says:

    Hi, I followed your guide from Chaos Rings 2, don’t know if you remember. Seems like I’m not too late to play this game! I didn’t have too much trouble playing through CR2 since i had played several Final Fantasy installments before. Just that I was always afraid that I may do something wrong and won’t get the good ending, lol. But I haven’t played action-RPG games before, so a little nervous. I skimmed through the conversations and I have couple questions. I saw that you have bard-ranger, or ranger-rogue, wizard-witch. So it’s possible to have 2 classes or attributes from 2 classes in one character? This may be a stupid question to ask…but is there naturally “better” combination or at least for beginners in this game, i.e. Darwin-Lessica combination in CR2? Or are characters quite balanced? Also, any tips to begin with? Thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, it’s possible :), In fact you can take all the classes in new game + :).

    • Neoalffx says:

      Since class building is based on skill tree, I reckon that it’s a linear tree, which I need to learn the previous skill before I can learn the next skill? Because it’s tempting to learn different skills from different classes as some compliment one another, and some just good to have in the beginning. For example, Bard’s early skills seem to help me grow more quickly such as “Lucky” and “Quick Study”, which allows me to earn XP 10% faster – btw, what does XP do…? It also looks like Bard’s “Charm” and Necromancer’s “Raise Skeleton” are great survival skills in the beginning of the game. Would you not suggest that I get attributes from different classes? Thanks!

    • KR-- says:

      Your post inspired me to post something of my own, which only partly addresses the concerns in your own post:

      What I’ve really liked about this game, so far, is the mild intersection with “Guild Wars” — that is, you can swap out skills in between maps, and you have access to pretty much all reasonable possibilities with a single character. Combinations of abilities really lead to interesting character variations, and freeing players up to swap skills between maps avoids this kind of “cookie cutter character” problem, yielding adaptable characters rather than “glass cannons.”

      Regarding n44b combinations, I really embraced this classless system. I’d say things are quite well-balanced in this game — it seems to me that every player is trying to find their own stylish equilibrium between survivability and offensive speed, for every set of enemies that they expect to be facing.

      Last week, I thought that I’d give this game a whirl, and I started out with bard stats, so that I could charm the crap out of everything I saw. When I picked up generalist, I decided to grab every skill possible (still haven’t gotten all of them, yet, but it seems like level 50 or so is the minimum to gain access to all skills via Generalist).

      Generalist was as amazing as I’d hoped, but sadly, when I discovered the ranger skill of premeditate, I realised that it did not work well with Inspiration, which doesn’t really make any sense to me. I accepted defeat, on that front, so I began experimenting with all the skills and items I could get my hands on, and I have found a nice invincibility combo, which is very newbie-friendly, for which I will hash out the bare minimum:

      Active Skills:
      Premeditate (auto-reset the cooldown for the next used skill; ranger: 20/8/31 dex/int/ski)
      Last Stand (if HP low damage potential. This can, of course, be resolved via NG+ mode.

      That said, I understand that your question was about this class system: trainers have classes, but your character only has stats (which are required for learning skills from trainers). The message I wanted to convey via my build-discussion was that the class does not even remotely matter, only the stat requirements for a particular skill matter; however, it can be important to focus on a couple classes, as there are essentially two ways of playing the vanilla version of the game: optimising stats in game 1 for a narrow character design, min-maxing with no particular plans for ng+ mode, or becoming a jack of all trades type of character, and maybe optimising during ng+ mode for your favourite build.

      Through most of the early and mid game, I had focused on Bard and splashed a few stat points for teleport and poison dagger.

      Honestly, rather than patching away emergent gameplay and cool combos, I think that enemies needed more disruption (buff cancellation, crowd control, or something to that effect). It would have created an opportunity for some more-interesting scripted AI, without overloading a phone or tablet CPU. I would definitely consider playing a 3rd formulation of Battleheart (the first game was also pretty cool).

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