Posted on May 29, 2014

Battleheart Legacy Complete Guide, Tips, and Hints

Battleheart Legacy Complete Guide

Battleheart Legacy featured

Leveling Guide and World Map

Quest Guide

Boss Guide

Complete Skill Trees, Tips and Recommended Builds

Total Class = 12 (All skills are completed now, Thanks to Mike)

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67 Responses to “Battleheart Legacy Complete Guide, Tips, and Hints”

  1. Jquinto says:

    Can anyone tell me why on main map gloomy path and witches hut still has the glowing dot

  2. Kuti says:

    How can i reset my skill points?
    And how must i skill i am
    A wizzard i have learn all attacks

  3. H²O says:

    you guys know what is the max lvl?

  4. Christina says:

    Hi there

    Could you pls someone tell me how come the green monster at level 11 Oozing Darkness area …never dies??? I killed it 3times so far and it keeps coming up alive!!!!

    Thanks xx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Whoops, I really forgot to post the guide about the boss T.T. I will explain it now

      After you have “killed” it, it should become multiple green slime. YOU NEED TO KILL THOSE little green slime, focus on one of them, try to kill as many as possible before it merges back into a giant monster. After merging the big green slime should have fewer HP than before, repeat until you manage to kill all green slimes :).

  5. RangerTan says:

    I didn’t see anyone post this trick. As soon as you start the game you can go to the Chaos towers. Since they generate randomly, sometimes you start at a room with a chest. The chests drop very high level items. Many of them can be used by starting characters. It takes a little time at the beginning but if you get a high level armour and item the game goes very quickly! Fun fun fun.

  6. 3VIL says:

    There is a guide for items? i wanna know what items could i get from arena..!! Thx

  7. 3VIL says:

    Any of you found a unique costume for wizard or battlemage? of which can only be found in the colloseum or in the last 3 bosses.

    • 3VIL says:

      Forget it, got it 2 mins ago !! =D — Robes of the Shadowmancer — Dont know if exist more so gonna keep triyng to obtain more.!

  8. Billybobjoe says:

    I beat all the chaos towers at level 13 but I can’t defet the crystal chambers even on casual >:(

    I’ve tried a few character builds and I’ve gotten to level 13, beat the chaos towers, and can’t defet the crystal chambers and I’ve tried useing casual mode

    Character builds I’ve tried:
    necromancer, witch, wizard
    Battlemage, knight, monk
    Paladin, barbarian, knight, bard
    Rogue, ninja, ranger

    What should I do? Level up, just keep trying, or could you recommend a better character build?

    • Billybobjoe says:

      YES!!!!! ok so I realized I’ve been playing on easy trying to beat the crystal chambers and now I’ve beat the eastern one but still can’t beat the others

      Still need help please

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Your build is already good, but your level is too low for casual level. You beat chaos tower on very easy level?

      • Billybobjoe says:

        No I beat the crystal chamber on casual which is super easy mode but can’t beat the others I’ve beaten all the chaos tower rooms for all the towers on easy which is the second easiest. I normally play on normal mode though

      • Billybobjoe says:

        Oh wait is that what the level on the area thing is I thought it was the bosses level or the toughest enemies level so I’m barley over half the now because my necromancer, witch, wizard is level 16 now

  9. Hey says:

    How do you do the pickpocketting with rogue?? It never lets me. Whenever I try to do it it says it failed or I can’t do it now. Btw if you fight the barbarian when you find him, and beat him, he will stop fighting before he dies and still teach you. You also then don’t have to fight the wyrm.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      To be honest I never success using pickpocket too….. Thx for the info about barbarian :).

      • Op exp p says:

        Walk around capital, eston, dunshire, Mage tower orbloodrose village. Then get behind people and pickpocket them, you can only do it once for each character though (same for enemies) however though it still won’t work that often.

  10. 3VIL says:

    How can i trade some weapons i have in my wizard to my barbarian?? thx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can’t, simply beat the game to new game + and you will be able to restart the game with previous skill points and then level it up again, there is no use creating multiple characters on this game (unless for challenge).

  11. TinkerBalls says:

    Duh !!! The trick to beating the final boss, is to get out of the blue ring that surrounds him when he starts to shake. His other attacks are rather mild and should be pretty ez to withstand..Not sure what replay value this game has. I think I’ll just keep leveling up in the Colosseum and the 3rd Solar Crystal Guardian. I just kill 236 in the Colosseum…

  12. Mike says:

    So yeah, I finally started a newgame+, and this is awesome. Just awesome. You have your character duplicated (so you keep your old save) and the newgame+ save is a level1 character with 250 starting gold but YOU HAVE ALL THE SKILLS YOU LEARNED!!! So you have the skillpoints reset but you can use all your skills! This is absolutely sick. You can go for completely different character development and combine that with old skills:3

  13. TinkerBalls says:

    I got to level 51 but still can’t kill the final boss in Royal Hall. I’ve been using 3rd Solar Crystal Guardian (Northern Keeper); Lvl 29 to level up (Pretty EZ at this stage), but can’t get passed the instant kill from the final boss. Has anyone beaten this guy yet? STR 21, DEX 11, INT 82, SKL 27, END 21, CHA 18..Playing as a wizard..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to switch the game into easy first, looks like all ranged characters will have trouble if their level are not high. Mike’s battle mage is also struggling (melee characters), ranged characters are gonna struggle more XD.

    • Mike says:

      Just remember that he uses instakill MOSTLY after he spawns skeletons and he disappears, THEN APPEARS again and only after that he teleports to you and uses the skill so just as you see him appear again start running so you won’t be stuck between skeletons and you will have enough time to run far enough and not be killed:3
      Just be as attentive as possible and yeah switch to easy or even casual so the boss has less hp (it is just too overpowered with that skill).

  14. Mike says:

    I managed to beat the final boss FINALLY!! Level 33 maxed out battlemage + witch and daaaamn it is tough… I had to switch to easy from hard just because I got fed up with dying after 2 days of efforts… I will probably level up a few more levels and go for a new game+

  15. MCmiojow says:

    Very nice guide, looking foward to its completion.
    BTW my friend has a lvl 40 char that has his xp bar arround 60%
    So probably the max lvl is around 50-45

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, so you can go beyond level 30 :). Thanks for the info :). I will update the guide again today.

      • TinkerBalls says:

        I’m at lvl 43 but can’t beat the final boss playing as a wizard

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, can’t give you any tips since I haven’t reached that point, but I am kinda struggling against western keeper. Playing a range characters maybe a little harder than I thought before :). I will progress as fast as possible :). Please check the guide again later.

        • Mike says:

          Managed to beat the boss with battlemage on level 33 (switched to easy from hard after 2 days of efforts, though), by the time I gain level 40 I will max out paladin and necromancer (in addition to my maxed battlemage and witch) and start a new game+ for ninja-barbarian-ranger-rogue-monk kind of thing:3

          Just remember that after the boss spawns skeletons (and you get some time to kill them which is never enough) he will APPEAR first, then he will teleport to you with his deadly lighting attack. So once he appears again BE READY TO RUN. He seldom does those attacks in other situations so just keep an eye on it. If you cant beat him for a long time try switching to easy or even casual cause you don’t get the achievment based on the difficulty:)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hi mike, Can you explain to me about new game +? Thanks :), what’s the maximum level? I can’t defeat northern keeper with my ranger LOL (will try it on lower difficulty later like your suggestion), so I restart the game with battle mage-knight hybrids.

        • Mike says:

          Well I haven’t started the newgame+ yet (need to reach lvl 40 to max out necromancer and paladin in addition to witch and battlemage).
          I will give some advice on playing as battlemage.
          1) you will need knight skills ONLY early in the game (I stopped after getting the Grit passive), you won’t need any knight skills except for the 2 passive +damage skills later in game (believe me).
          2) get the paladin’s aura of light and power infusion! (I MEAN, GET IT!!!). With huge damage output and a damage increase you will have insane healing rate on battlemage (I have beaten the 2 first solar bosses without using potions on hard).
          3) go for witch skills (horror, tornado and life leech are important). Horror is a stronger version of knight’s intimidate (which you are going to use a lot early in game) and tornado lets you group up all the enemies together for ice or fire mana strike. Actually you don’t necassarily need the witch (most of her skills are pretty weak compared to most classes)
          4) GET THE COLOSSAL WEAPON! It will hugely increase damage output (and that’s where you stop using knight’s skills). Also, use wizard’s armor for more mana strikes damage.
          5) you need 10% life leech and +20% cooldown speed items to beat stronger enemies (got those after like level 27). Having a faster cooldown lets you spam with mana strikes by constantly changing weapon’s element
          6) this is a leveling advice. The oozing dark and 2 +20%exp items are your friends. With aoe mana strikes you will level up easily. And after you get the backslash skill you will kill the boss in no time. You just stand in green ooze he throws at you and backslash all the time (it’s like you are constantly poisoned and backslah has a superlow cooldown). When the small slugs come closer you make them panic (either intimidate or horror) and keep backslashing. This is the fastest and easiest way to get experience:)
          That’s pretty much it.

          I will give info about the NG+ once I get to it:)

  16. Jo says:

    To speed up character experimentation, I grinded-out a level 10 “super novice” with no stats levelled up (I just repeated Abandoned Shaft using rugged clothes, hatchet, mystic journal, and ring of haste). Then I duplicate the file so I can mix and match abilities as I please. Level 10 gets you 27 stat points, I think (you could go for level 11 for an even 30 stat points, but I got impatient, hehe).

  17. Maximus says:

    Hi guys can anybody help me the npc on the solar crystal is missing i already done the 3 chaos towers and got the crystal shards but npc on the castle there was gone. Your help is greatly appreciated. Btw i already update to 1.1.1 still no luck

  18. Mike says:

    I just understood that you can get an ultimate (I mean, ULTIMATE) combo of rogue + ranger + ninja + monk + barbarian cause all of them require STR, SKL or DEX (ninja requires all three) and you get the all-around character who can deal tons of damage to enemy groups, single target or from distance. Another nice combination might be the knight + battlemage + witch (str+end+int), which will give you nice aoe attacks with battlemage’s mana strike and elemental weapon skills, a whole lot of armor and protectove skills from the knight AND sweet debuffing attacks from the witch. I am going to try one of the combos:)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nice idea, but will we able to take the last skills of those classes? (from what I hear, your level is capped at 30). Ninja + Ranger is not that good IMO, because most of ninja skills need you to dual wield (unless you’re only planning to take passives). I will make character build section once I finish the classes skills (thanks to you Mike) :).

      My current character is Ranger-Rogue and Wizard-Witch.

      I just noticed about bard’s skill (song of inspiration) which resets cooldown of other skills, it will be very awesome combined with ranger’s premeditate. Constant spam of Apollo strike :). I haven’t calculated the status points though.

  19. Mike says:

    The game is cool (I played the original one many times through, so I like it even more), but I have no idea what to do next (lvl 9 and the quest I have got is for level 20+ locations for the solar crystal). I can start over with all the magical classes if you need the skills and gameplay info:3

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, yes, I need the data for all skills :). If you can do some hacking and want to help :), I really appreciate it XD. You can find my email on the post above :). I won’t display your other comment since it displays your personal information.

  20. Nathan says:

    You’re missing a few classes.
    From what I discovered so far, you’re missing the Bard, Ninja and the Battlemage.

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