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Battleheart Legacy Guide Bard Skills


Bard demands on Dexterity (DEX), Charisma (CHA), and Intelligence (INT).

How to Unlock

Battleheart Legacy Bard Recruit Tavern

On Eston, go to the tavern (West of Blacksmith). On the tavern you will see a bard, talk to him and agree to hear his songs (Choose “yellow face” answer). At the end there will 3 options; “red face” won’t make him accept you as a student, but you can ask him again (simply do it for entertainment).

Skill Tree

Battleheart Legacy Bard Mentor

To learn Bard Skill you need to talk with Bard Mentor, He’s available at Eston Tavern and The Capital:City Center Academy.

Type Skill Effect DEX CHA INT Coins Cooldown
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Bard Charm Charm Forcing enemy to fight for you for 10 seconds 8 50 30
PassiveBattle heart Legacy Bard Lucky Lucky Increases all gold acquired by 25% 6 9 75
ActiveBattle heart Legacy Bard Thrust Thrust Deals 3.5x weapon damage, and against stunned or helpless enemies always deals a critical strike. Required a piercing melee weapon. 8 10 100 10
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Song of War Song of War Increases all damage done, and reduces all damage taken by 15% for 20 seconds. 9 12 125 45
PassiveBattlehear Legacy Bard Quick Study Quick Study Increases all XP acquired by 10% 10 15 150
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Song of Vigor Song of Vigor A soothing tune which slowly heals your wounds over 20 seconds. 11 18 175
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Disarm Bard Disarm Renders your enemy unarmed for 15 seconds, forcing them to fight with their fists. Requires a melee weapon. 13 20 200
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Favored Soul Favored Soul Increases the duration of positive status effects by 25% 15 22 225
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Sly WInk Bard Sly Wink Increases the damage dealt by charmed foes by 50% while under your influence. 16 24 7 250
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Riposte Riposte Enter a stance which deflects and counters the next melee attack against you. Requires a melee weapon. 19 26 7 275
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Lullaby Lullaby Instantly puts all nearby enemies to sleep for 10 seconds. Any damage will wake them, however. 20 30 8 300
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Generalist Generalist Reduces the stat requirements for equipping items or learning skills by 30% 21 33 10 325
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Song of Inspiration Song of Inspiration Instantly resets the cooldown of all of your other skills. 22 37 12 350

The skill tree is complete now. Thanks to Mike who have helped me with the info and pictures.

You need 56 Status point to get all Bard Skills


Charm is one of the best skill on this game. Make sure you take this skill if your character is fragile (such as ranger, wizard, etc). Charmed enemy will be attacked by other enemies (not only simply “fight” for you).

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