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Battleheart Legacy Guide How to Unlock Witch and Witch Skill Tree


Witch demands on intelligence (INT) and endurance (END).

How to Unlock

Battleheart Legacy Drunk ManBattleheart Legacy WItch Location World Map

At the Eston, go to tavern. Talk to a drunk man with “!” on his head. He will tell you about the witch. Agree to find the witch for him. Now head southwest (see the screenshot above; marked with the red circle). Enter the Gloomy Path (lvl 2). Explore the area, the Witch Hut located on the northeast of the starting point (treasure chest/final destination of this area located on the northwest).

Battleheart Legacy Witch Location Gloomy PathBattlheart Legacy Searching for witch book

Answer with “yellow face” option and then accept her request to find a book. Go back to Eston and ask the wizard on academy about the textbook, and then choose 2nd answer (knowledge is power; 3rd answers also works, don’t know about 1st answer). Go back to the world map, you should see “Dungeon Lvl 3” on Eston.

Battleheart Legacy Bribe Guard on dungeonBattlheart Legacy Talking Book WitchOn the dungeon talk to the guard. You get 3 choices:
[1] Bribe the guard (500 Gold)
[2] Use your charisma (6 is enough)
[3] Fight the guard

Go to the treasure’s location. Open the treasure.


You can burn the book by choosing option 1 => 2 => 1 => 1=>1. You will get 100 XP for doing this, but this will make the witch angry and want to kill you. You can’t learn the witch skill on that gameplay.

Bring the book to the witch’s hut and you will able to learn about witch skill.

Skill Tree

Battleheart Legacy Witch Mentor

You need Witch Mentor to learn about Witch skill. Witch mentor stay at The Capital:City Center academy once you have recruited her.

Type Skill Effect INT END CHA Coins Cooldown
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Witch Drain Life Skill Drain Life Deals unholy damage and heals you for the damage dealt 8 6 50 15
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Witch Plague Skill Plague Create poisonous area (10 seconds) 9 7 75 18
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Lasting Affliction Witch Lasting Affliction Increases the duration of negative effects you apply by 2 seconds. 11 8 100
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Blood Magic Witch Blood Magic Sacrifice 20% if your own health to imbue your next special attack with dark power, increasing its damage 20% and critical chance by 100%. 13 9 125 1
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Dark Arts Icon Dark Arts Increases your poison and unholy damage by 10% 16 10 150
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Debilitate Icon Debilitate Cripples your target’s offensive power by 75% for 5 seconds. 19 11 175 25
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Toxic Affinity Toxic Affinity Reduces damage taken from poison and unholy effects by 25% 21 13 200
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Hex Hex Turn your target into a toad for 6 seconds. While transformed, they are helpless and take 25% additional damage. 25 14 225 30
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Shadow Infusion Shadow Infusion You regenerate an additional 2 health every second. 28 16 250
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Horror Horror All nearby foes are terrified, paralyzed, or instantly struck dead. The severity of the effect is increased the closer the victim is. 31 18 6 275 25
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Tornado Tornado Deploys a vortex of frost towards your target. Any enemies caught in the storm take damage and move at reduced speed. 35 20 6 300 15
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Life Leech Life leech Causes all of your attacks to heal you for 5% of the damage done. 37 23 7 325
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Calamity Calamity Unleashes a blast of entropic energy which deals massive unholy damage to your current target. 40 25 9 350 24

The skill tree is complete now. Thanks to Mike who have helped me with the info and pictures.

You need 59 status points to learn all Necromancer skills.

Tips and Tricks

Witch’s Drain life is awesome spell, for any character that use magic as his/her attack power.

More tips will be added later. More tips will be added later. If you have any tips on using this class, please leave it on the comment.

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11 Responses to “Battleheart Legacy Guide How to Unlock Witch and Witch Skill Tree”

  1. Zhandii says:

    I killed everyone in Eston, is there still a way to obtain witch spells?

  2. Dhanushka says:

    Just a mental note, this is the witch skill tree, not the necromancers. You’re probably like what is he saying? But at the bottom of the page it reads 59 status points are required to learn all necromancers skils. And by the way, do you play this game?
    Have you beaten the final boss yet?
    What build did you use to beat him?
    I’m stuck on the battle against the king. Thx.

  3. Mayumi says:

    I have 6 charisma. I used it but it failed. 6 is not enough…

  4. Esk says:

    If you destroy the book and fight the witch, you’ll lose the ability to learn from her. There’s no going back. Same with the necromancer.

  5. TimK says:

    Witch stays at the Capital City academy, she just hides right at the bottom left end of the building and walks around that area.

    Third Witch skill is a passive improvement of 2seconds on all your infliction on enemy durations (nice synergy with plague poisoning or blizzard slowdown effects). 11 int, 8 end 100 gold from memory.

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