Posted on Jun 2, 2014

Battleheart Legacy Guide Unlock Necromancer: Forbidden Library Quest

This quest required in order to unlock necromancer class.

Battleheart Legacy Mage Tower and Forbidden library Location

Go to The Forbidden Library (lvl 8) on the north part of the island. Talk to the people on that place to know about necromancy. The guy behind the counter sell some nice accessories, make sure you check them out. Continue to the inside of this dungeon. Explore and take the skull. Now get out from the library and head south.

Battleheart Legacy Giant Skull Forbidden library

Battleheart Legacy Necromancer Mage tower

Enter The Mage Tower (red circle on the map above), and you will notice that it’s night time (if you have entered this place before, then it’s not normal 🙂 ). Go inside and head west to headmaster room. See an event, and then answer the necromancer with “blue face”. You can learn about necromancy now.


Don’t start a fight with a necromancer, you are probably gonna lose anyway, and if you win your may not be able to learn about necromancer skills  game will crash (according to Ross).

For Necromancer Skill Tree, visit THIS PAGE.

Battleheart Legacy Guide Main Page

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5 Responses to “Battleheart Legacy Guide Unlock Necromancer: Forbidden Library Quest”

  1. barnaby says:

    Quick note, not sure if this was patched or something, but…

    Yes, you can kill him and no the game doesn’t freeze (mine didn’t, anyway). It also allowed me to leave the mage tower just fine. However, there was no benefit other than some gold.

    I duplicated my save so I could test this out.

  2. Skrill says:

    Damn! I killed him :(( what now

  3. Rossprovate says:

    I killed the necromancer and all it does is breaks the game. You cannot leave the mage tower.

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