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Battleheart Legacy Monk Skills


Monk depends strength (STR) and dexterity (DEX)

How to Unlock

Battleheart Legacy How to get Monk

You need to equip Fist weapon to be able to finish the quest.

Go to “The Capital: City Central“, head west to 2nd area. Go to the tavern (Building with Glass Symbol). You will see an event. Talk to the woman and ask her to teach the move for you. You will be challenged into a battle, it’s very easy (you can drink potion for 5 times). The battle will end after you have lowered half of her HP. She will agree to teach you once it’s over.

Skill Tree

Battleheart Legacy Monk Mentor Location

Monk mentor will be available on “The Capital: City Center” Academy, once you have recruited her.

Most Monk Abilities Need Fist Weapon

Type Skill Effect STR DEX END Coins Cooldown
ActiveBattleheart Legacy1000 Palms Monk 1000 Palms 7x normal damage divided to enemies in front of you (Requires Fist Weapon) 6 7 50 8
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Thundering Strike Monk Thundering Blows Increases all damage dealt with blunt weapons and unarmed attacks by 10% 7 8 75
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Karma Kick Monk Karma Kick Deals more damage the lower your current health is (teleport to the target) 8 10 100 10
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Windwalk Monk Wind Walk Teleport to all nearby enemies, striking for 2x damage and slowing their movement speed. Minimum of 3 strikes occurs. 10 11 125 16
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Dragon Style Dragon Style When wearing light armor, your damage increased by 5% 12 13 150
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Spirit Trance Spirit Trance Enter a state of mental tranquility, increasing your movement speed and granting you health regeneration for 10 sec. 13 15 6 175 30
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Evasion Evasion Increases your dodge chance by 10%. 14 17 7 200
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Ki Shot Ki Shot Focus your Ki into a projectile, which deals heavy damage on contact with your target. 16 20 7 225 30
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Concussion Concussion Your critical strikes with blunt weapons have a 50% chance to knock enemies down for 2 seconds. 19 22 7 250
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Pressure Point Pressure Point The slightest touch to a vital spot leaves your target paralyzed for 5 seconds. Requires unarmed/fist weapons. 21 24 8 275 20
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Empty Body Empty Body For 4 seconds you become incorporeal, increasing your dodge chance to 100%. 22 27 10 300 30
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Counter Strike Counter Strike Whenever you dodge an attack, you instantly deal damage to your attacker. 25 30 10 325
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Ki blast Ki Blast Unleash a shockwave of Ki around your body, dealing damage and knocking down nearby foes. 28 32 12 350 20

The skill tree is complete now. Thanks to Mike who have helped me with the info and pictures.

You need 57 status points to learn all Monk skills.

Tips and Tricks

Monk has low defense and HP, I suggest you to combine Monk with Paladin to boost its survivability (Many Paladin Skills Sync with Monk Skill; like Punishment strike which also boosts Critical chance for Fist Weapon).

Monk’s Karma kick is really awesome, the damage is really high when you’re on low HP, combine it with Paladin’s Aura of Light, this will give you a nice amount of health. It also teleports you immediately to the target, so use it on the enemy archer or mage.

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