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Battleheart Legacy How to Unlock Ninja Class: Eliza Quest

This quest required in order to unlock ninja class.

To start this quest, simply walk on the world map (recommended level 5) until you find “???” encounter.

Battleheart Legacy Eliza Sidequest

On that encounter, you will see a girl (Eliza) being chased. Choose answer that will let you help her.


If you choose to help the guards and kill her. You won’t be able to learn about ninja class at that playthrough. Also if you choose to help her but she got killed when fighting the guards, you won’t be able to learn about ninja too.

Battleheart Legacy Bloodrose Village LocationBattleheart Legacy Bloodrose Village Gate

After helping her, ask about the reward. She will tell you to come to her village (Bloodrose on the north). Now head north to Bloodrose village. Talk to the guard and tell him about Eliza. You can go inside the village. Talk to Eliza, there will be an event. Help her defeating the guards (don’t let her die). After that you can learn about ninja skill from her or ninja mentor on The Capital city center academy.

For Ninja Skills, visit THIS PAGE.

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  1. Capt J Bravo says:

    If I decide to “kill” Eliza, does the royal guard guy ever give you a quest? He keeps telling me he will find me later.

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