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Battleheart Legacy Knight Complete Skill Trees


Knight Demands STR and END.

How to Unlock

Knight is available from the beginning of the game and does not require anything special to unlock.

Skill Trees

Battleheart Academy Symbol

Battleheart Legacy Knight MentorYou need to talk with Knight Mentor to learn about Knight Skill. He can be found on Academy. Academy is available at Eston and Castle: City Center District.

The skills are sorted based on the order you get them :).

Type/Pic Skill Effect STR END Coins CD
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Knight Cleave Cleave 2.5x normal weapon damage to all enemies in front of you. 6 50
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Knight Shields Shield Training Allows the use of shields 6 6 75
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Knight Defend Defend Absorbing all physical damage for 4 seconds (needs a shield) 8 7 100 15
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Knight Armsman Armsman Increases damage with all bladed weapons by 10% 9 9 125
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Kinght Intimidate Intimidate Paralyzes target and make other nearby enemies to panic for 5 seconds 11 11 150 24
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Kinght Shield Wall Shield Wall Reduces all damage you take by 50% for 10 seconds. Requires a shield. 12 14 175 30
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Knight Grit Grit Increases weapon damage by 50% of your endurance, and reduce duration of negative status effects 14 17 200
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Kinght Shield Rush Shield Rush Charges your target, knocking them down and dealing damage. Requires a shield, and a minimum distance from the target. 16 21 225 8
PassiveBattleheart Legacy Knight Sundering Strikes Sundering Strikes Each attack causing 2% additional damage (stack up to 5x). 18 25 250
ActiveBattleheart Legacy Victory Banner Victory Banner Plants a battle standard on the field. While within its area of effect, your crit chance is increased by 50%, and damage by 20% 21 29 275 45
 PassiveBattleheart Legacy Chivalry Chivalry Increase your armor by 25% 24 34 300
 ActiveBattleheart Legacy Revenge Revenge For 6 seconds, all enemies who dare to strike you instantly take damage. The damage is increased by your own strength, as well as the force of the incoming blow. 28 38 325 30

The skill tree is complete now. Thanks to Mike who have helped me with the info and pictures.

You need 56 status points  to get all Knight Skills.

Knight seems “only” to have total of 11 skills (unlike other classes which are 12), but it’s not, your very first skill “Strike” is counted as knight skill.

Tips and Tricks

Knight has very high hp and attack damage.
[0] Combine this class with Paladin for more defense power.
[0] Combine it with Barbarian more for more attack power.
[0] The Knight already have very high Hp, so there is no need to “kite” your enemies, simply use defend and other defense boosting abilities when you saw enemy uses its powerful attack (usually indicated with flashing spiral aura).
[0] more tips will be added soon.

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  1. Dhanushka says:

    The first skill is called power attack, not strike

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