Posted on Jun 6, 2014

Battleheart Legacy Stone Golem

Suggested Lv 21
Experience: 500 XP

This boss is really hard, I suggest your level is above 21 when fighting this boss (harder than Eastern Keeper). This boss located at Razor Clan Excavation: Ancient Relic Site, for specific location visit THIS PAGE (it’s located at A2=1).

Battleheart Legacy Stone Golem

His attack patterns

[0] Mega Meteor: He will summon multiple meteors towards you, you need movement speed to evade this attack with ease.. if not then you may get hit by one or two meteor.
[0] Rush: He will dash toward you, it deals high damage and kinda hard to evade if your movement speed is low.
[0] Summon Wyrm: it will summon 4 grey wyrm. They’re really annoying because their HP is quite high. and can move around battlefield with ease.. which make you need to case them around.

Suggested equipment: You need an accessory that boost your movement speed, unless you’re melee characters that can tank all damage. Wizard may able to use its teleport, so you don’t need to increase your movement speed.

My setup when defeating this boss


Level 25

Bow and Armor are the best ones those available on The Capital: City Center

My accessories
[0] Vintage Chardonnay (+ 5 weapon power, + 5% Life Drain)
[0] Choker of the Red Feast (+10% Life Drain)

I can’t defeat this boss when my ranger’s level at 21, I finally beat him when my Lv was 25 (after defeating Eastern Keeper). I don’t use any movement speed equipment, because I already have rogue’s passive skill (Pursuit).

Here is my video when I beat this boss

Video/Guide for other classes will come (If i play the game with those classes)

Please leave comment, if you have any questions, tips (for this class and other classes), etc.

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