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Posted on Aug 9, 2011

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Guide: Character’s Grid Level

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Character’s grid/ Sphere grid

Character’s grid detail

To move on each section quickly use CTRL +F

Giant grid (Ggrid)
Medium Grid (Mgrid)
very small grid (Vgrid)
Grid function (GRDfunct)

1. Giant Grid (Ggrid)

Kurosaki ichigo

A Ikkaku HP
A HP Def SP Hp
Renji HP+ Ichigo A A
Def A HP Kisuke HP
Hiyori A Def

Byakuya + Yoruichi

SP A Mayuri
Def HP Byakuya HP
A+ HP Isshin Def A
A Yoruichi HP+ Komamura
Def+ HP A


Def+ HP A
A Halibel Lisa HP
A Def SP A+ Def
HP+ A Barragan HP
Tossen HP Hisagi

2. Medium grid (3×3) (MGrid)


HP Def+ A+
Yamamoto Aizen Shinji
A Def+ SP


Rose HP+ Stark
A Def Lowe


A+ Rangiku HP
HP Gin Def
A+ Izuru Kira A


SP HP Sado
A Ishida Def


A+ Kenpachi A+
Def A Yachiru
A+ Yumichika A+


Kensei A A+
HP Rukia HP
A+ Ukitake Def


HP+ A+ A
HP Grimmjow Zommari
Aaroniero A Def


HP+ Ulquiorra Def
A Yammy A+


Syazel HP Def
Def+ Nel Nnoitora
SP Def Def+


A HP+ Unohana
Def Shunsui HP


Oomaeda HP SP
Def Soifon A
Hachigen A HP+


HP Def+ A+
Hitsugaya A Mashiro
HP Hinamori Def

3. very small grid (Vgrid)

only 2 characters that start on this board

Hollowfied Ichigo

Def Orihime
Hollowfied ichigo A+


A+ A+
A+ Kokuto

4. Grid function (GRDfunct)

I highlight important ability with green color, try to get that ability ASAP :D. Thank you for using my guide and enjoy playing 😀


Grid location


Aaroniero Grimmjow extra damage againt hollow
Aizen Aizen absorb life with normal attack
Barragan Barragan+halibel knockback resistance
Byakuya Byakuya extra damage against hollow
Chad Ishida Cancel attack with guard button
Gin Gin extra damage against shinigami
Grimmjow Grimmjow extra damage against shinigami
Hachigen Soifon revive once after death
Halibel Barragan+halibel extra damage against soul reapers
Hinamori Hitsugaya increased spirit regeneration rate
Hisagi Barragan+halibel increased knockback when hitting enemy with a dash
Hitsugaya Hitsugaya extra damage against arrancars
Hiyori123 Ichigo extra damage against shinigami
Hollowfied Ichigo Hollowfied Ichigo Revive once even after Life Gauge is depleted. (Life stock)
Ikkaku Ichigo extra damage againt hollow
Ichigo Ichigo Extra damage against Arrancars
Ikkaku Ichigo extra damage againt hollow
Ishida Ishida extra damage against hollows
Isshin Byakuya knockback resistance
Izuru Gin Slight life regeneration
Kenpachi Kenpachi knockback resistance
Kensei Rukia extra damage against arrancars
Kokuto Kokuto Revive once even after Life Gauge is depleted. (Life stock)
Komamura Byakuya knockback resistance
Lisa Halibel increased spirit regeneration rate
Love Stark Extended combo time
Mashiro Hitsugaya chance of additional soul points in battle
Matsumoto Gin Spirit gauge regen
Mayuri Byakuya extra damage against arrancars
Nel Nnoitora Slight life regeneration
Nnoitora Nnoitora Added knockback resistance
Oomaeda Soifon Ability to jump up to 2 times in air
Orihime H.Ichigo revive once after death
Renji Ichigo Increased knockback with knockback
Rose Stark extend combo time
Rukia Rukia extra damage against hollow
Shinji Aizen ability to cancel spirit attack with normal attack
Shunsui Shunsui Extra damage against Arrancars
Stark Stark extra damage against soul reapers
syazel Nnoitora knockback resistance
Tossen Barragan+halibel Increase knockback with dash
Ukitake Rukia extend combo time
Ulquiorra ulquiorra Quicker Ignition Gauge increase rate
Unohana Shunsui Slight life regeneration
Urahara Ichigo counter ability
Yachiru Kenpachi Cancel attack with dash
Yamamoto Aizen greatly increase damage dealt when health gauge is low
Yammy Ulquiorra Absorb life with super attack O
Yoruichi Byakuya Extended combo time
Yumichika Kenpachi Abosrb life with Spirit attack (/\)
Zommari Grimmjow Extended combo time
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20 Responses to “Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Guide: Character’s Grid Level”

  1. Crazy Z says:

    Kenpachi 9 noitora 6 barragan 9 and it’s actually a life+ not a attack + on kokuto grid top right

  2. Joker says:

    Ok so i beat all missions and maxed out ichigo in 7 hrs thanks to this grid!! 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’re welcome 😀

      • Joker says:

        and now Shunsui Kyoraku Is easy as hell to lv up cuzz of this grid so is Grimjow and Kenpachi Dude ur fuxin awesome ! saved me like 15 hrs of stressing over wich upgrades r good add me on psn Joker19952

        • Joker says:

          oh nd r dere any other types of ways to train ppl cuzz im trynna beat the game on very hard but Toshiro Yoruichi Soifon cant stand up to very hard so i need help to train them 3 to lv 20 at the least

        • noobbgodlike says:

          IIRC, train on the stage where there are only enemies spawning (the stage’s boss is kenpachi), it’s a good leveling spot :D.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I haven’t created psn account until now 😀 (planning to get one when buying vita). I don’t train other characters much since I am only using Nnoitora (he’s a beast in this game :D)

        • Joker says:

          LOL yh but final Ichigo got him in speed and technique and Kenpachi got everyone in the game in raw power.. although its hard to train Kenny mines lv 39 and he matches my max lv ichigo in power

  3. turbocore says:

    ok you have forgotten barragans, grimmjows, and nnoitora barragans is lv 9, grimmjows lv 6, and nnoitora 9 or 6 sorry cant remember and please email me or add me on ps3 name:turbocore on any questions you might have i have taken care of a few of the harder trophies and i can help you if you want thank you for reading

  4. Dominik says:

    … um hollowfied ichigos is quicker ignition gauge fill rate…

  5. Riicky83 says:

    Nevermind i just unlocked him and found out he levels up with Ichigo as he is just an alternate form with a few unique attacks from normal Ichigo.

  6. Riicky83 says:

    What about skull-clad Ichigo does he have a grid?.

  7. Carlos says:

    ohh i understand. So I have to reach level 9 with hallibel to continue to level up stark? Hey man thanks

  8. Carlos says:

    I’m in level 9 with stark. But I can’t level him up anymore, I have 1000 soul points but still can’t level him up. What should I do?

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