Posted on Apr 29, 2014

Bonnie Action List Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Unlocked at District 1

How to
Finish The Road to Rebuilding Pt. 1

Level Up Rewards

Lvl New Traits
2 Chug a Bottle of Wine Action
3 New FaceSpace post
Action Unlocked “Go to Ladies Night”
4 New Facespace post
5 New FaceSpace post
Action Unlocked “Clip Coupons”
6 none
7 None
8 None
9 None

Bonnie’s Action

Family Guy Bonnie Action Twerk It

Action Time Coins XP Additional Info
Bake Sale 1 min 5 3
Chug a Bottle of Wine 1 hour 20 12
Twerk it 4 hours 50 30
Go to Ladies’ Night 6 hours 65 45
Clip Coupons 12 hours 100 65
Have Fun in the Sun Require Lois Griffin level 3
Give a Lap Dance Require Joe Swanson


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