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Chaos Ring Omega Guide: Conglom Plant

After the battle, you’ll arrive at the ARK without Olgar. Buy latest equipment that available in Piu Piu shop. Now go to the door and head to

Conglom Plant

Head north and

Yorath lvl 32 (24800, none), Cyllis lvl 24 (4800, weak:gale)

This battle can be hard if you’re at the same level as Yorath. Cast Mowe at Cyllis at the beginning of the battle or attach (gale) at your character. Cyllis cast Cocytus frequently, so gale element also helps you to reduce the damage. Make sure you keep your Hp above 1500 because their “pair attack” can cause a lot of damage. Their attack patterns:

[0] Song of offering: 400 physical damage
[0] Divine fist 400 physical
[0] Mental wall: put up magic barrier
[0] Cocytus: deal only 200 damages (if you’re at gale element)
[0] Song of razor: 1300 physical damage (pair attack)

See the event and you’ll enter another battle with Yorath. You’ll lose in this battle when he uses Divine diversion attack (blowout). Event, Olgar will come to help you and you’ll enter another battle with Yorath. Now you’re the one who can’t be lose, so just attack Yorath until he dies.

Watch an event……..

Now Vahti joins your party (she comes at level 32 in my game). You may want to do some level up before you return to Conglom plant (lvl 41-50 is unlocked now).

Conglom Plant

Treasure that I got

T1 Century Wanderer
T2 Aria
T3 last supper
T4 Gateau Chocolate
T5 Overture
enemies type
Amaterasu Okami Lion
Qlipoth tortoise
kushina dolphin
Baphometh Goat

Head north and you’ll fight a mini boss at the same place where you fought with Yorath.

mini Boss: Dante (Hp: 6990, weakness: magic)

It’s easy, just treat him like a normal enemy. Use berserk and then twin lunar lion to end this quickly. His attack patterns:

[0] Anailator: 600 phys damage
[0] Tachyon mode: increase speed

You’ll get your first Dolphin genes from this battle.

Hmm, the enemies are pretty strong in this place (especially the one who took form in previous bosses). Be careful when you meet with 2 enemies in one battle (try not to use pair command because their attack will hurt you so bad).

You just only need to go north to the 46 Subterranean floor.

1st floor : nothing, just proceed (check purple crystal to learn more about this game)
2nd floor: nothing, just proceed
3rd floor: Check the warp crystal while you’re walking; you’ll arrive in small platform with 2 treasure chests (I found Amnolite and Finale)
4th floor: Save your game because you’’ meet and battle with

Yorath Hp 26000 weak: none characteristic: none

You can beat him now :D. Thanks to (intuit) divine diversion skill you got before, divine diversion won’t kill you now. It’s a good idea to attach aqua element to your characters to reduce Karma damage. Start the battle by using Paradise Apple item (wisdom and body) to double your reward.  His attack patterns:

[0] Divine diversion: 1000 damage
[0] Song of offering: 400 damage
[0] Karma : fire damage to all
[0] Asura Lotus: 3 times physical attack (like your twin lunar lion)

Continue to the next area, keep following the path and SAVE YOUR GAME WHEN YOU see the wall that looks like a title screen picture (mother and baby).

Cyllis  (Hp 15500, enemy weakness magic, gale, characteristic :aqua)

Watch out, you can’t heal in this battle if you’re at disadvantaga condition(see circle bar on the upper leftof the screen) and she can attack twice/turn. The good news is she is insanely easy. Make sure your character can cast Mowe in this battle. In the first turn cast pair “mowe” then the rest of this battle is very easy. Just keep using “twin lunar lion” which should deal about 4000 damage/hit. Her attack patterns:

[0] Cocytus: only deal 200 damage if you’re at gale element status.
[0] Razor slash: same as above
[0] Mental wall:block one magic attack

Event and

Dante and Rachel lvl 45; Hp 19550, weak: blaze

He/she can also attack twice/turn attack, don’t be surprised for regen status that he/she got at the beginning of this battle because it’ll disappear by itself. Cast cremate/attack(blaze) at your characters and you’re going to be fine in this battle (make sure you heal when needed though :D). Stop using “pair” when his/her HP dropped below half because he/she’ll starting to use severe hunger attack. His/her attack patterns:

[0] Adverse reaction: 200 damage to all
[0] Rampage: 900 damage
[0] Body break: 900 damage
[0] Ruwach: 650 damage to all
[0] Bind: Seal genes command
[0] Severe hunger: absorb about 1000 HP from target
[0] Void soul: damage your MP

Event, save your game and go to the big door and choose the original door.

Cyllis the Progenitor HP 19500 weak magic, gale characteristic :aqua

You only get 10 turns to end this battle, but that’s more than enough to kill this easy boss. Use same tactic as you fight Cyllis before, Mowe and then twin lunar lion. Her attack Patterns:

[0] Cocytus: 400 aqua element attack (I have gale element attached)
[0] Obileterate: 400-900 phy damage
[0] Human condition: Halves one of your parameters.

Watch the ending and Congratulations you just beat this game and unlock the extra mode.

Main Menu

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25 Responses to “Chaos Ring Omega Guide: Conglom Plant”

  1. 1921 says:

    Thank you so much for making this walkthrough!!

    Just wondering: is it impossible to MAX out genes in story mode? Because I’m in the 90’s in terms of level, and I’ve gotten 5/6 skills for about half of my genes, but none of them have maxed.


  2. Jay says:

    Thanks just finish the game using your guide! Much appreciated!

  3. Cimegs5088 says:

    There’s 2 thing to be aware in Yorath/Cyllis fight, she’ll laugh wickedly and cast a poison on you which deal 400-500 dmg per turn, there’s basically 3 type of dmg in this fight, fire from the surrounding, ice from them, and gale from the poison, it really depends on how you want to do the fight, but rule of thumb, which is usually the killer, is to cure the gdamn poison. lol

    • Cimegs5088 says:

      Just a side note regarding random mob in this zone, i dont remember how i got through them last time (perhaps updates in between made them harder?), even that 41-50 is unlocked, the mob in 31-40 will still be hard for you, make sure to pump Vahti’s level before even trying 41-50 (she started at 32), the deadly examples are Wagner and groups.

  4. Cimegs5088 says:

    I can only say the team developed Chaos Rings’ lores are much darker and twisted people. Both Chaos Ring Omega and Chaos Ring 2 are just so twisted in stories.

    Good stories tho, it’s just disturbing, especially the Dante & Rachel fight. clear this game when it released and never want to touch it again due to that fight.

    Chaos Ring Omega is the darkest of all 3 chaos ring sequel, period.

  5. Alex says:

    Just a heads up, it seems to be pretty rare but Cyllis the Progenitor is able to cast Karma as well. If you were using Möwe until that point it’s a one hit wipe for your party so watch out.

  6. Johan says:

    Last boss did use another attack on me. Absolute Zero. Did 2,2k dmg. Ouch!

  7. Smithy says:

    Hey just letting you know, the last boss has one more attack I found, called World Without Fears, and I think it does 500 – 1000 physical damage from my experience.

    Excellent walkthrough!

  8. Layian says:

    what is the maximum monsters’ level in the game?

    Coz I’ve reached level 76 by Veig and want to challenge some worthy opponents :S

    P.S: i’ve finished the game but want to master all genes and reach maximum character level

  9. Silverdoxxx says:

    Guys am level 41 with Veig and 36 with Vahti.. am still getting blown up by that cyllis and twin lunar lion is hitting her for 700 crit…i got latest weapons armor etc…

  10. Ivy says:

    heyy, great guide >_< this version have such sad story line though 🙁
    Olgar death scene is just sad =/

  11. beastslayer15 says:

    The final boss will also use a move called human condition that halves the parameter whatever that is. The rest of the guide is accurate though. Good job I’m impressed.

  12. asdf says:

    it makes me want to cry how Kushina got turn into one of those “dolphin” monstrosities too

  13. nummy says:

    omgosh… just finished this game! so much darker and scarier than the original! thanks for the detailed walkthrough!

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