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Chaos Ring Omega Guide: Frozen Omen

This Scenario will start with a familiar face if you have played Chaos Ring game before, watch the event and you will see a gigantic battleship

Battleship Napur

Move left and keep following the path until you see another event, continue upstairs and,

Tutorial Battle:Triple Volcano

Your first battle and it’s easy. 2-3 hits should kill this thing (I use berserk in “genes “command first). Attack Patterns:
[0] Sustained barrage: deals about 92 damages

See a cutscene and  prepare for another battle.

This times the battle will teach you about solo and pair option.

Tutorial Battle (“pair” option): Belphegor

Use pair command and then use berserk to boost your character’s attack. After that just attack it normally or by using a skill (Twin lunar lion is very good). Attack patterns:
[0] Tachyon mode: increase speed
[0] Cocytus: deals about 188 ice damage

You can learn cremate command from this enemy.

Frozen Omen

You can open your map from the menu and I suggest you to save your game now. Go south and check the crystal (tap at “!”).


Now talk to everyone in this room (Vahti. Olgar, and Rachel), go left to moeet with another couple and make sure you talk to them. Watch the event and you will fight the agent (you’ll lose, don’t need to prolong the ineveitable :D, just choose pair command so you can die together in one hit :D). Check the big door and choose frozen omen lvl 1 -10.

Frozen omen

enemy genes
Cerunnos deer
monkey king monkey
pecorino mouse

Treasure that I got (Lvl 1-10)

T1 Ondine Slimball
T2 Chocolate
T3 emergency exit
T4 salamander whisker
T5 Paradise apple (wisdom)
T6 Genomoth Bark

Check the crystal on the northwest (1) to obtain an item (White chocolate). Go right and check the crystal, follow the path until you arrive at the Puzzle room 1 (I get Power seed by finishing the puzzle).

Tips: You don’t need to solve the puzzle by yourself, you can skip it by using “solution” button that will appear after you have re-tried the puzzle for 3 times, but you won’t get an item (it’s likely a status boosting item)

Don’t bother to go to crystal at point (2) because it leads to a dead end. So go left to the next area and grab 2 treasure chests. Backtrack to the previous area and enter the crystal on the south to arrive at Puzzle room 2.

Take 2 treasure chests on the south and head west to check the crystal. You’ll arrive at the corridor take the treasure in the middle of the corridor and head north to check another crystal. Take the treasure cehst and head north to face your first boss battle.

Progenitor tooth lvl 4 (HP: 2650, weakness: gale)

Use Lotion (gale) if you have it in your inventory to deal significant damage to him (use pair command and berserk), You can also use cremate after it has used its Mowe because it will become weak against blaze element after Mowe usage. There is nothing hard about this one just keep healing by using chocolate or your healing spell and it’ll go down quickly. Attack Patterns:
[0] Incisor : about 256 physical damage
[0] Divine fist: about 310 physical damage
[0] Mowe: 250 gale element

Frozen Omen Part 1 Puzzle Solution (Vieg)

Vieg Frozen Omen Puzzle room 1 Solution (simply follow the number written in the screenshot):

Vieg Frozen Omen Puzzle room 2 Solution (simply follow the number written in the screenshot):

Part 2 Frozen Omen

Treasure (lvl 1-10)

T1 Piu Piu’s Collection book
T2 Vin Brulee
T3 Serum
T4 white chocolate
T5 salamander whisker
T6 Plum
enemy genes
wadjet slug
phoenix bird

Head north and you’ll see an event. you may find a treasure chest in this area. Head whether to the north crystal or northwest path because, they will lead to the same area. You should see a firewall blocking your path to the next area. To put off the flame you need to solve the puzzles in this area. Grab treasure chests in this area and head to the puzzle’s location (see the map). Go back to this area after you have solved the puzzle and head north to face another boss.

BOSS: Progenitor’s Jaw lvl 8 (HP: 3650 weak:Aqua)

Cast berserk and then cocytus ASAP (Pair). It’s weak agains’t aqua and it can cast cremate so cocytus will reduce his damage greatly. His attack Pattern:
[0] Cremate:  100-200 blaze damage
[0] Acrimony: physical damage to single target about 180

Frozen Omen part 2 Puzzle 1 Solution

Follow the number from the both of these picture

Frozen Omen part 2 Puzzle 2 Solution

Exit from this dungeon. Talk with everyone and then head to Vahti and Rachel’s room.

Main Menu


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