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Chaos Ring Omega Guide: Ohm and Path of Tears


See an event and go to Rachel’s room. You need to find items to help Vahti, so go to Piu Piu and ask him for the items. Go back to Rachel’s room. Event, you’re at the middle room now. Talk to everyone and just moving around (there is a tik tok sound), you only need to talk with everyone and walk around the room to end this event. Congratulation you’re a father now (in this game :D). Event and then enter the arena (buy best equipment available at Piu Piu shop).

Battle: Olgar lvl 16 (Hp: 2900)

It’s just normal and easy battle just keep attacking and healing when needed. You can also use Cocytus after he have used cremate to deal extra damage. His attack patterns:
[0] Lunar lion: physical damage (about 300)
[0] Cremate: 400 blaze damage

Event and then

Battle: The executioner (HP=5600)

It’s hardest battle you ever meet until this point. Be careful if you’re going to use Pair command because his “steal HP” attack can recover His HP more than Solo usage, but he only use this attack if his Hp is below half, so try not to use “pair” when in that condition. His “mouth of darkness” can be deadly if your characters are slower than him, to prevent this use newest jewel available in Piu Piu shop and make your characters level is about at 20. Don’t get provoked when he cast cocytus by changing your element into gale because he can counter it with cremate. His attack patterns:

[0] Cocytus: deal about 500 damage (aqua)
[0] Steal Hp: absorb 300 HP/target
[0] Bind: siable your genes command
[0] Execution: 400-500 damages
[0] Mouth of Darkness: Reduce your characters Hp to 1
[0] Cremate: deal about 500 damage (blaze)

Save your game and try to level up your character in any dungeon (lvl 22-25 should be enough and make sure you have latest equipment on your characters). Go to Rachel’s room to see another … event.

Boss battle: The agent (HP: 7200)

You only need to lower half of his HP to end this battle. He can also use elemental spells (cremate, cocytus, and Mowe), so it’s a good idea to fight him in neutral condition (don’t use lotion to change his element and attack him with the opposite element). His attack Patterns:

[0] 2G crush: 600 physical damage
[0] Zeta particle cannon: 600 damage to all targets
[0] Void soul: damage your MP

Event and then enter the big door to access a new area.

Path of Tears

enemy genes
Huotou dog
ziz bird

Treasure that I got

T1 Locked Chest
T2 Poison pot
T3 emergency exit
T4 Locked Chest
T5 Locked Chest
T6 ondine egg

You’re alone in this dungeon, so I suggest you to turn off the encounter (open menu and tap the “animal” symbol), because it can be a little bit hard fighting all enemies alone. In this dungeon you’ll see an event with Yorath, continue your way until you reach the BOSS of this area.

BOSS: Progenitor’s Tongue lvl 18 Hp: 4620 weak against gale

It’s very easy, maybe SE doesn’t want to give us a lot of trouble when you must fight this beast alone. Just use Mowe/attach (gale) at the beginning of this battle, and then attack normally and heal when needed. His attack patterns:

[0] Absolute zero: ice damage 200 (I have gale element attached to me)
[0] Sadness blow: don’t know what this one do (always miss on me)

Path of Tears Puzzle room 1 solution

After you have done all the instructions on the left screenshot. Push (3) to the left and move the other stone to the south, so it becomes like in the right screenshot.

Path of Tears Puzzle room 2 solution

First, move the stones so it becomes like on the above screenshot. Follow the number written in screenshot once you have done it.

Continue and you’ll see an event. Olgar will join your party again.

Path of Tears part 2

enemy genes
Mozza ??
arachne insect
Naberius Tiger
Ox king ??

Treasure that I got

T1 Piu Piu’s Collection (book)
T2 Plum
T3 locked (Tigerfang earrings)
T4 locked (gateau chocolate)
T5 locked chest
T6 locked chest (lavender)
T7 lotion (aqua)

There is a stone blocked your path at point (1), so go north and follow the path until you reach point (2) check the boulder and push it. Now you can pass previous path. Go inside the corridor and follow the path until you reach puzzle room 1.

Continue until reach the same stone that will block your path at point (4). Go west and enter the crystal, follow the path and solve puzzle in puzzle room 2. Continue and then push the boulder at point (3), jump at the nearby cliff and then continue north to the boss.

BOSS: Progenitor’s spine (Hp: 6340, weak: aqua, characteristic: blaze)

VERY EASYYYYYYYY. At the beginning of the battle use “Pair” cocytus/ attach (aqua). You should be able to deal about 2000 damages/attack. Use “pair twin lunar lion” to end this battle quickly. His attack patterns:
[0] Vociferation: 340 damage
[0] Cremate: fire damage about 300
[0] Steal Hp: Drain HP from target (Thanks to TDA who tell me this)

Path of Tears part 2 Puzzle room 1 solution




Path of Tears part 2 Puzzle room 2 solution




Vieg decide to visit Ohm, so go back to the ARK.

Main Menu



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  1. TDA says:

    Only one thing…
    I beated the Battle: The executioner at lvl 14 . . . not so strong after all..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what??level 14????awesome. The executioner is not too hard if you have higher speed than this thing ( I died in the first time because lack of speed, he use mouth of darkness and finish me on the next turn. SO, I decided to level up and buy latest jewel). If you can share any tips maybe it could help others. Thanks for using my guide 😀

      • TDa says:

        Yes…but is not true that this fukingProgenitor’s spine is SOOO EASY…he can attack you 2-3 times a tourn… and he use this fucking steal hp. ..
        At lvl 18 and 17 I couldnt defeat him. . .

        • TDa says:

          I’ve killed him…but your guide says to make pair attacks…not true..he kill you if you do so…you need to start withcocytus.. but then you do individual attacks.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Ups I was at level 25 (IIRC) on that part so I really don’t know that it can use steal HP. It died really quickly ( I only manage to write 2 attack patterns). Thanks for additional info about his attack pattern 😀

    • Thomas says:

      I’m having trouble progressing in the “extra” New game+ mode. Do you have a guide for that part of the game? I’ve gone through all the parts of piu piu’s maze multiple times already, and I just can’t find anywhere else to go to progress in the game.

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