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Posted on Jun 3, 2011

Chaos Ring Omega Guide: Purging Sin

Okay, it’s a last dungeon in story mode.


Go to Piu Piu shop to buy latest equipment available now. Now head to the big door and choose

Purging Sin part 1

enemies type
garm dog
ganesha elephant
sea serpent crocodile
Gorgonzola ??
Taweret ??

Treasure that I got

T1 locked chest (lavender)
T2 Chocolate
T3 Plum
T4 key

To solve part 1, you need to find 2 fragments of redemption in this area. You can gather them by solving puzzles like usual.

Tips: You can level up very fast in this dungeon because there is an enemy called called Ganesha. You can meet 2 of them in one battle, so you will get a lot of exp if you manage to kill them. I suggest you to level up to the maximum level allowed at this time (40).

Once you have gathered 2 fragments, go to (W) symbol in my map. Make sure you save your game before check the sealed warp stone. Use fragments of redemption and

BOSS: Progenitor’s left eye (HP: 5080 weak aqua) and Progenitor’s right eye (HP: 5130, weak gale)

Be careful you can be killed easily if you’re not careful while fighting these two. The battle is quite tricky because they can cast any elemental spell, so don’t cast any strong magic element while you’re still fighting them (your element changed and they’ll cast strong element against your element).

In the beginning of the battle immediately cast “pair” berserk. Then keep using “pair” twin lunar lion at one of them. When one of them dies, you can use opposite element to end this battle quickly. Their attack patterns:

[0] Diamond Density: increase defense
[0] Biliken Mode: increase luck
[0] Phlogiston: 500 physical damage to single target
[0] any elemental spell (Cremate, Mowe, Cocytus, absolute zero,etc): about 600 if you’re at normal condition.

Purging Sin part 1 puzzle room 1 solution



Purging Sin part 1 puzzle room 2 solution



Purging sin part 2

Treasure that I got

T1 locked (gateau chocolate)
T2 emergency exit
T3 paradise apple(body)
T4 locked chest
T5 locked chest
T6 serum
T7 locked
T8 locked
T9 vin brulee
enemies type
garm dog
Taweret ??
sebek crocodile
Manannan mac lir manta
gorgonzola ??

You need to gather 3 fragments of redemption this time. You’ll obtain 2 of them from the treasure chests; marked by (F) symbol in my map. You can obtain the last fragment by finishing puzzle 2. Once you have obtained all fragments, go to (W) symbol and then unlock the seal. Continue North and

BOSS: Progenitor’s skull HP 6900, weak: gale) Devil genes

Talking about surprise that Yorath told you earlier, you can’t do any damage against this boss if you attack him in Solo mode. This boss easier than Progenitor’s eye, just immediately cast berserk and then Mowe/ attach (gale). His attack patterns:

[0] Contrition: 1000 physical damage
[0] Steal Ohz:  Steal your money ….

Purging Sin part 2 puzzle room 1 solution




Purging Sin part 2 puzzle room 2 solution





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7 Responses to “Chaos Ring Omega Guide: Purging Sin”

  1. carl10 says:

    would you beleive if i say i got 40ooo+ exp points and 150ooo oz by killing the panda and using the applE? olgar up b 6 then vahti up by 7.

  2. josh says:

    always use the exp apple.. when you see the elephants or with high HP equivalent.

    can get to lv 60 quickly. before this chapter ends.

  3. SacredNoob says:

    but tht panda is very rare i hardly encounter it. so if you encounter it, it is your lucky day

  4. SacredNoob says:

    there is a mob call bilikin if i not wrong it looks like a panda holding on a four leaf clover. if you kill it it gives 2062 exp way better thn the elephant this help to lvl up to 1.5-2 times also a pretty gd mob to train on

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