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Chaos Ring Omega Guide: The Dead Draw of the Light


The new level has been unlocked, now you can go to lvl 11-20. Go to the left room and buy best equipments available at Piu Piu’s shop. Go back to the middle room and check the door to go to

The Dead Draw of the Light part 1 (LVL 11-20)

enemy genes
wadjet slug
Quetzacoatl manta
roc bird

Treasure that I got (lvl 11-20)

T1 emergency exit
T2 salamander egg
T3 Genomoth egg
T4 ziz brisket
T5 mace
T6 plum
T7 poison pot

This dungeon is pretty linear, it doesn’t have any special things inside of it. Olgar will start mentioning about how this place looks like.

Tips: I suggest you to use solo command if you find 3 enemies in one battle because the enemy can kill you very easily when you’re in “pair’ formation. Most of the enemies now need to be killed in 2 hits or more so it’s efficient to do it in Solo command.

move through the path until you reach puzzle room 1 (I got a power seed as a reward; See the solution for the puzzle below the boss section like usual). Continue to Puzzle 2 (Defense seed as a reward). and move through the corridor to the BOSS.



BOSS: Progenitor’s Pelvis (Hp:3900, weak: blaze)

This one is very easy. Start battle with “Pair cremate/ attach (blaze)/ lotion (blaze). After that you’re free either to use “pair” berserk or just attack it again immediately. You should be able to deal about 2000 damage to this beast. I only manage to find one attack from this beast which is
[0] paroxysm: deals physical (CMIIW) damage about 400

The Dead Draw of the Light part 1 Puzzle 1 solution

ATTENTION:  your goal is to lit all the torches in the middle of room (make it looks like a picture on the right). I forgot exactly which torch you need to touch in order to lit the torches so it becomes like on the 2nd screenshot. I think you need to touch the on point (1), but if it’s not try to touch nearby torch (it only takes one touch to lit all the torch, IIRC).

The Dead Draw of the Light part 1 Puzzle 2 solution

This one is very easy, you only need to touch 3 times in order to finish it. Follow the number written in the screenshot.

The Dead Draw of the Light part 2 (LVL 11-20)

enemy genes
Hiruko insect
Grendel manta
Sugriva monkey

Treasure that I got (lvl 11-20)

T1 Lotion (aqua)
T2 Great sword
T3 Paradise Apple (wisdom)
T4 Piu Piu’s collection
T5 key
T6 vin brulee
T7 Plum
T8 Paradise Apple (body)

From the starting point, you’re free whether go left or right. It’ll lead to the room in point (1). To unlock the door you need 2 items  (King’s blood and Queen’s tear). You can obtain King’s blood from Puzzle room 1 and Queen’s tear from Puzzle room 2. Open the door and fight the boss in this area.

BOSS: Progenitor’s Viscera (HP: 4640, weak: none)

Start the battle with “pair” berserk since the boss doesn’t have any weakness. Just keep attacking normally until he cast Mowe (his element will become gale), now cast “pair” cremate to deal a lot of damage to him. His attack patterns:

[0] Body Break: 500 damages (physical)
[0] Mowe: about 500 damage (gale)
[0] Astral Motten: 600 damage (physical)

The Dead Draw of the Light part 2 Puzzle 1 solution

ATTENTION: Thanks to Splinker who have told me the true solution for this part 😀

The Dead Draw of the Light part 2 Puzzle 2 Solution

Now you have obtained both of the rings. Go back to the ARK.

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  1. AshenNova says:

    The Progenitor’s Pelvis is able to cast “Absolute Zero” too.

  2. splinker says:

    In part 2 puzzle 1 you need to light 3 at the top. Please, correct that picture.

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