Posted on May 29, 2011

Chaos Ring Omega Walkthrough

Chaos Ring Omega Guide

Release Date : 19 May 2011

Genre: RPG

Platform: Iphone/Ipad

Developer: Media Vision

Publisher: Square Enix

Important: The location and content of the treasure chests on the map may different. I only listed what I got from my game. You can go back as many times as you want to the dungeon and the treasure will respawn. Enjoy playing and thanks for using my guide while you’re playing. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or just want to tell me about something wrong in my guide.

Main Quest (Vieg scenario)

1. Prologue to Frozen Omen
2. The Dead Draw of the Light
3. Ohm and Path of Tears
4. Purging Sin
5. Conglom Plant

Check my guide for Chaos rings 2, it’s as good as this game or even better than this game 😀


If you like my guide please support me by:

1. Tell your friend about this guide if he/she play the same game, so my work can help more people. ( e.g:Use twitter or facebook) because  I spend a lot of time creating this guide so the more people know and use my guide the happier I become :) .

2. If you find that I miss something feel free to tell it to me by leaving comment or send me email. If you give a really useful tips via comment or email i will give you credit for that tips.

3. Give feedback  to my email (give tips about how I should write review or guide, etc).

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48 Responses to “Chaos Ring Omega Walkthrough”

  1. Allen Lee says:

    I think this version is much harder than Chaos Ring…….

  2. jason says:

    Great walkthrough, really needed help with the last puzzle in purging sin. Loo I love bilikens… 2000 xp and the come again bilikens give you 70400 oz

  3. noob says:

    how to unlock ancient path of death :( ?

  4. alex says:

    Your guide is awesome! Helped me out several times, and I’m hoping you can help out one more time: I’m back in the Ark and am having trouble defeating the trio of Eternal Garrick, Alto and Rex.

    Any solutions?

  5. Bathara says:

    hi sir godlike..

    i just wanted to know if i could get a monsters skill even though my level is higher than them?…

    im stuck with this 60 – 70 room

    but im already lvl 130+

    i thought i could defeat garrick if i gain too much lvl..

    thx in advance

    • noobbgodlike says:

      obtaining gene does’t concern your level but it depends on monster level (CMIIW). As my experience you’ll get more gene when fighthing giant type mosnters that has a high level. Thanks for using my guide

  6. Xavier says:

    Well, thanks. It is really a lot of help

  7. rain says:

    its so very nice

  8. kadito says:

    thanks man this really guide is very helpful especially the puzzles 😀

  9. cjs313 says:

    hi, just wanna say thanks for the awesome guide! Would like to ask when would be the extra guide be out? Cos i’m having some difficulties…thanks!

  10. Randius says:

    The Secret Garden in Extra mode is very useful for leveling up, earning Oz and gaining those hard-to-get skills.

  11. salazar_slytherin says:

    hey i also have a question, is it possible to get olgar/vahti and ayuta/kushina for being played?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thank you 😀
      Nope they can’t be played (at least for now; maybe SE will add free update for them?? who knows :D)

      • salazar_slytherin says:

        sorry, having typo on my last question:p…i mean dante and rachel not olgar n vahti…
        hmm so they can’t be played 4 now can they?
        btw,thx 4 rep…hope there will be also walkthrough 4 chaos rings too :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you can use dante, olgar, vahti in extra mode. not rachel though :D. I probably won’t make chaos rings guide but I definetily make chaos rings 2 guide once it has been released. Thank you for using my guide 😀

        • Cimegs5088 says:

          Chaos Ring 1 is actually the sequel to this omega version, you are able to play all characters on it (in fact, you need to play all to the end to be able to play the ending.

          The whole story of Chaos ring 1 is just twisted.

  12. salazar_slytherin says:

    yeah this walkthrough is really rocks!!
    i got stuck on last swapping puzzle on purging sin..n this walkthrough had saved me…:)

  13. Crap says:

    Hi, this guide helped me a lot, so first of all thanks. I’m on the 4th card and missing just number 13. i’m so frustrated cause I’ve gone everywhere, from the podium the agent appears in right above the door and the secret path with the boss panda.

    AND &*#$ i just saw this but itunes deleted my save file. It’s doing this for every game for some reason, the ones i backup/sync to itunes and delete off my ipod. WTF?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      do you jailbreak your iphone?? if yes then maybe it’s the cause

      • Crap says:

        I just looked it up for a while and it says itunes doesn’t save save files when you sync! I have a 8gb 4g itouch so I was running out of room so I moved it off until I got a response and that’s what happened…

  14. C says:

    Do you think it is possible to defeatthe agent when you start the game for the second time? Since u carry over some stats an items.

  15. yusak says:

    can u help on fifth piu2 collection card?
    i only got two cards from beating eluca and zhamo :'(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      DOn’t knwo if I have a time to do that now. Will add it later though 😀

      • JT says:

        Yes. I am also stuck on the 5th Piu Piu card. I have only found 1, 4, 12, and 13. Any help? :)

        • f1181 says:

          From what I can tell you have to defeat all of the people Piu Piu has locked up all over the course. I have defeated about three of the pairs and each time that I do I get about 3 Piu Piu items to complete the card.

  16. Felipe Reis says:

    man THANK YOU!!
    i have one tip:

    in Path of Tears part 2 (30~40lvl)
    i kill many Naberius using Apple (body)
    he give me 840 exp 😀

    sry about my english, i speak portuguese =P


  17. Steven says:

    Waiting for the extra mode walkthrough.. I’m in the 5 card of piu-piu. Hard to understand the hint it give me. Need find the card without any hint. Huhu.. :(

    • f1181 says:

      If you are looking for the last couple you have to fignt, they are on the balcony (where the agent appeared at the beginning of the game). So when you are “home” walk south from the door that takes you into the maze, and then walk right into the black area, and you will run into them. FYI they are SUPER strong so be prepared!!

  18. squarefanboy says:

    great guide keep up the great work cheers!

  19. wau says:

    thanks for writing all this! it was very helpful. maybe you should submit this to gamefaqs too! this way you can reach more people :)

  20. Numnum says:

    this is great!! thanks for all your work and keep it up! :)

  21. S.j says:

    Still waitig for the extra mode guide. I dont know how to beat garrick..

    • Lalo says:

      Lol it’s easy if u think about it it’s not a boss battle so u just run nd it goes to a cut scene

  22. splinker says:

    And again thank you for your guide. BTW how about making a PDF versions of your guides? It would be very convenient.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I won’t make any pdf vesion of my guides 😀 .
      1st It takes times
      2nd it will be hard to change it if I am doing any updates
      3rd I want to discuss the game with you all guys 😀
      4th I want to raise my blog into one of those top gaming blog (pray for me :D)

      thanks for your suggestion, maybe in future I’ll make pdf version of my guides when I have more free time. Please tell your friend and relatives if they’re playing the game and need a guide :D. Glad my guides help you

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