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Posted on Mar 19, 2012

Chaos Rings 2 Guide 3rd Sopia Core

This guide based on Li Hua’s sacrifice. I believe it will only makes a little difference on this chapter because any sacrifice will lead you to this path (CMIIW).

Base Camp

Talk to Araki/Li Hua on the main hall and there will be an event about Conor. You’ll control Conor, move to the main hall. Talk to Lessica to bring Darwin with you on this mission.

[0] Give Conor the best equipment available now because he’s very weak. If you have stolen lightning bow before then equip it on him now.
[0] You can change Darwin’s human Sopia which will affect your advent attack type and animation.

Go to

The Land Desolate

The land of Desolate (1) Map

Your goal is sealed spot on the map; point (1) on the map. You’ll see an event while going there.

Base Camp

You’ll control Marie now; go to the library to see an event with Lessica, she’ll ask Lessica to teach her about the song…. I hope she doesn’t forget her purpose for coming to the library.

Meanwhile on The Land of Desolate

Go to the sealed spot and head south. To the new part of this dungeon

The Land of Desolate part 2

Head south to the dimensional area. You can take either northern or southern path. Continue east until you reach another dimensional area. There is another panda gang member on this area. You’re about to fight Panda Moll (PM) which carries great amount of SP. Equip the Sopia that needed to be leveled up before you enter the battle.

Panda Moll

Lvl 20 HP: 2000; Exp 3800 (without P.A: Body); 1800 OZ (without P.A: Wisdom)

Level can be varies depends on area’s and character’s level!!

You can steal Luck Phermone which is not that important. Don’t forget to use P.A: Skill to increase your SP gain (you’ll learn 100 SP after using the item).

Continue east and see the event. Save your game and

BOSS: Famine

HP:14.750;  High Physical Defense

You can steal Carnaval from her. She has high physical defense and gale element. The tactic for this battle is Conor use Cremate and Darwin keep using break beat to increase break gauge. Use Ophan Li Hua (blaze element) to attack her and deals a massive amount of damage on break gauge advantage. Attack patterns:

[0] Corpse Grip: deals 200-250 damage to single target (low accuracy??; cause poison and blind)
[0] Starving for Sustenance: Deals percentage based on your current HP (it won’t kill you; about 50 %) and change your element into aqua. T. She doesn’t use it this attack frequently though, so you can relax.
[0] Starving for Succor: same as sustenance but it reduces your MP
[0] Ruwach: 400 gale damage to all characters (I am on blaze element)

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10 Responses to “Chaos Rings 2 Guide 3rd Sopia Core”

  1. Doggiie says:

    The percentage damage of ‘Starving for ‘ is 50%, just to be precise for first time round people, so they don’t get so scared of their hp and mp being burnt down so fast.

  2. lin says:

    Another way to attack the boss:
    since she add water element to Darwin and Conor, just add blaze to her, then attack
    just watch out for the hp though

  3. chaincat says:

    famime uses corpse grip. 200-400 physical gale damge to a single character. also starving for succor. same as starving for sustanance but drains mo (i think)

    • chaincat says:

      and ik its gale damage. tried changing her to blaze to turn her strategy against her. you can probably guess how that went 🙁

  4. cyllis says:

    the lv of panda depends on the level range you selected tho, its not fixed so exp and oz would varies (ie i got lv72 panda 7584exp & 2664oz, but same amount of sp 🙂 )

  5. Yuukina-chan says:

    I’m not sure but famine’s Starving of sustenance deal damage depending on your current hp so it won’t kill you. However, almost every after she uses it, Ruwach will come after.

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