Chaos Rings 2 Guide: Drifting Sorrow Part 1 and Beyond The Rift Part 1 |
Posted on Mar 17, 2012

Chaos Rings 2 Guide: Drifting Sorrow Part 1 and Beyond The Rift Part 1

Mysterious Castle (Base Camp)

Talk to everyone (Araki, Li Hua and Connor), go to Marie’s room to talk with her (open your map to know where her room). Talk to Lessica to unlock a new area. Li hua will join your party, head to

Drifting Sorrow

Enemy Sopia
Nebula Sprite
Wing Billiken Cupido
Jager Cheetah
Bathyscape ??
Yeti ??

Tips 1: Don’t forget to move your Sopia from Marie to Li Hua, so they get SP from the battle and also strengthen Li Hua.

Tips 2: Bathyscape is an armored enemy. You can deal significant damage by using pair attack. Awakening attack seems to have a piercing effect so you can use that too.

Go north to dimensional area, you’ll learn about Li Hua’s field skill (Fa jin). Tap at the broken wall to destroy it (marked as F on my map).This dungeon doesn’t have any special things, so just go north to BOSS location shown on the map.

BOSS: Legion Caliga

HP: 4975; susceptible to status effect
175 exp; 10 SP; 650 OZ

This one is not hard at all. I suggest you to use solo attack on this battle. Attack patterns:
[0] Demon Shot: 300 damage to single target
[0] Invasive maneuvers: 250-300 damage to single target

Go back to base camp and see another event.

This time Araki will join you as a member. He’s strong but only has very little MP. Enter new area,

The Curfew Tolls

This area is pretty short I will guide you with my own words :D. From starting point head west to obtain item (south path is a dead end). Backtrack and head north and continue until you see a branching path. Head west first to obtain another item. Go back to previous area and take the south path.

In this dimensional area, you’ll learn about Araki’s Field skill (Iai). Use Iai to obtain the item on the first ledge on this narrow path. Continue south to the next area and you’ll fight with Araki. You don’t need to win in this battle (don’t know if you can win). The battle seems can be won but he suddenly used ‘falling leaves’ (deals about 500 damage) against me and it killed my characters. Event

Base Camp

You’ll control Li Hua and Conor. Go to Piu Piu to buy Connor new equipment (he joins at level 1 so he’s very weak compared to Li Hua). Once you’re ready go to

Beyond the Rift

Enemy Sopia
Youtze ??
Tehtys Moth
Goggolori Bear

You’re using Li Hua and Connor, you can’t use advent at this time which is sucks. Go east and take the north path on the branching path. Backtrack and head south to arrive at Dimensional area, you’ll learn about Connor’s  field ability (Aim); he’s not so useless after all :D. Go to the Boss location on the map and

Boss: Legion Scutum

Lvl 8; HP 3850; 764 exp; 10 SP; susceptible to status effect.

This boss have ‘armor’ attribute so you need to attack it on pair. Just keep using pair attack and it’ll die easily because he only defenses himself most of the time. Attack Patterns:

[0] Self preservation: Defend himself from your attack
[0] Invasive maneuver: deal 100-200 damage (neutral)

Go back to your base after beating him.

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  1. Rick says:

    How do I get 3 stars in an area?

  2. Pucci says:

    Yeti yields bear sopia.

  3. Jayce says:

    If you use Steal Item on Legion Scutum, you can get Paradise Apple: Body from it.

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