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Chaos Rings 2 Walkthrough Obtain the Chalice The Land of Desolate to Destiny’s Height


Event, visit Darwin and then head to the library. The new dungeon is unlocked now. Go to

The Land Desolate

You control Marie and Darwin on this dungeon. Head north and keep following the path to the dimensional area. Follow the path and use Darwin to do ‘Sprint’ jump so you can get the item that located on the middle.

Continue to the next dimensional area, switch your character into Marie. Use mystic to move the platform in order to get the item (from south switch, locate the platform to the right side; from the west switch, move the platform to the left side). Change the platform to initial position to continue. From here, just move along the path until you reach the boss.

PS: you’ll find sealed gate on previous area before the last dimensional area on this dungeon. Just ignore it for now.

BOSS: Firedrake

Lvl 10; HP 9.340; Aqua Attacks are effective

This one is easy and not as tough as its appearance. Make sure you use Cocytus/ attach (aqua) / Lotion (Aqua) to increase your damage output to this monster. Attack Patterns:

[0] Wyrd Wirm: deals 170 damage
[0] Fire Breath: deals about 200 damage to all (blaze type)
[0] Flame Breath: deals ?? damage (forget). He’ll recharge his energy before using this attack (on previous turn it’ll say something about fire). Use defend to reduce the damage.

Base camp

Talk to everyone and then to Lessica to switch your party members (You don’t need to have Darwin on your party). You’ll get a notification of new items on Piu Piu item shop.

Tips: the P.U.B is open now; you can talk to cutouts to obtain side quests. For now just do simple “Welcome to the P.U.B” in order to obtain red recipe).

The best party members for the next dungeon are Araki and Li Hua (but you can’t change Darwin with another member)

Destiny’s Height

Nothing special on this dungeon, there are 2 blocked location on this dungeon (one blocked with giant rock and another one blocked by a sealed mark). You don’t need to have Araki and Li Hua to complete this dungeon for main story purpose but you need to have both of them to obtain all items located on this dungeon (come back to this dungeon later).

PS: Watch out for battle that consists Calipash (2x) and Mimas. Always kill Mimas first because he can cancel your character’s attack.

BOSS: Conquest

Lvl 12; HP: 9045; one of the 4 horsemen.

Cool lookin boss. He has a lot of HP, you can use Necrosis (deals 15% of Current HP; Cupido Sopia, you get this by killing Wing Billiken) to inflict a large amount of damage at the beginning of this battle. Attack patterns:

[0] Divine Shackles: Gale : Deals about 300 gale damage
[0] Divine Shackles: Flames: Deals about 300 blaze damage
[0] Arrow of Dominion: Deals 700 damage to single target. He starts this attack when his HP below 50 % (CMIIW), so make sure your HP is above 700 and try not to do ‘pair’ attack because it’s gonna really hurt.

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  1. Juliet says:

    Is it possible to obtain the Chalice after chapter 1?? Because I think I made a mistake and just continued playing the game without having the Chalice…
    and thanks for the guide, it is very helpful 🙂

  2. Pucci says:

    I used magic jammer to decrease Conquest’s hit, which worked out quite well. However, make sure you go solo after few rounds of pair attack.

  3. anonimous says:

    when fighting the horsemen he also has a divine shackles aqua

  4. jolina wang says:

    i cant beat the goddamn horseman…n i havent got any of the skills that u mention..should i go do some more leveling up? :s

  5. yeahbro says:

    Thanks for the guide, really helpful!

  6. Sato says:

    i dont think i can change to darwin and li hua when faceing conquest.

  7. djgurk says:

    Which part r u at now? Did you manage to sacrifice one of the people?

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