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Posted on Mar 20, 2012

Chaos Rings II FAQ 5th Sopia Core and 4 Sopia Skill

You’re free to choose to visit any place listed on this guide. You only need to visit one place and defeat the boos that guards the Sopia Core to progress with the story mode. But I suggest you to defeat all these bosses since they give you a lot of EXP and new Sopia ability. You’re also free to choose whoever you want to take with you on the mission.

Tips: Use Paradise Apple items when fighting the boss.

The Land Desolate (Link to the map)

You can find the bosses on the same spot where you had found Sopia Core before (Land Desolate part 2). You’ll fight with

BOSS: Fire Drake

Lvl. 30 ; HP: 12.885

You can steal Demon Dragon Fang (Darwin’s weapon). Its attack patterns are still the same as fire drake that you have encountered before. Just use pair Cocytus and it’ll die in no time.

You’ll obtain Dragon Sopia from this battle.

Destiny’s Height (Bring Marie to this place). Destiny’s Height 1st part map link

Chaos Rings 2 Destiny's height map (2)Go to the “blocked at the moment; on the northwest” on the first part of this area. You can pass now. From here just follow the map until you reach the boss

PS: There is one of Panda gang members; Panda Scout. You need to use Marie’s Mystic to start a fight with him.

Boss: Ceyx

Lvl 30; HP 14.900; strong against physical attack

You can steal Azure Dress (Marie’s armor). Attack this thing with magic that has elemental adavantage over it. It has aqua attribute but can change its element on the battle. It also can cast Plunge which will lower your character’s parameter (str, mgc, and def).

You’ll obtain Kraken Sopia as a reward

Forest Thickets  Forest Thickets 1st part map

Go to the sealed location on the first area. After that use my map to reach the boss on this location.

PS: I find Giant Panda (Panda Runner) lurking on the 2nd part of this dungeon, you can fight it by using Fa Jin on him (Li Hua’s field skill)

BOSS: Argos

Lvl.30; HP: 10.920; Releases Poison spores every 4 turns

Steal Poison Targe from this monsters which will grants you full immunity skill. This boss will regen 5% of  its max HP on every turn. It has Gale attribute, you only need to pair cremate to kill this thing very quickly.

You’ll obtain Azi Dahaka Sopia as a reward

The Remains of Faith (Link for the map)

Go to the spot where you have obtained Sopia Core and head north to the next area.

Tips: Bring Conor and shoot 2 arim devices on point (1) to go there quickly.

BOSS: Shoumu Houzi

HP: 12.885; Critical first attack

You can steal golden monkey claws (Li Hua’s Weapon; CMIIW Because Li Hua is already dead so I can’t test whether this is her weapon or no). This beast is pure physical attackers. Using Guardian’s shield may help you to boost your defense. He uses counter frequently, I suggest you to use “pair banish” to fight him.

You’ll obtain Gigas Sopia as a reward.

After obtaining one Sopia Core you can talk to Lessica to begin a new Ceremony of Selection. Choose the one you will sacrifice.

Chaos Rings 2 Main Guide

Next Part: (Second Sacrifice) Araki (You’ll obtain Darwin Awoken lvl 2)

Next Part: (Second Sacrifice) Conor

Next Part: (Second Sacrifice) Li Hua


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  1. MasterChaos says:

    does anybody know which monster on which level drops paradise apple skill. I know where to find the paradise apple body (from the Mantis creatures that keeps calling for reinforcement) but I don’t know who drops the skills one. please help

  2. Gamer Girl says:

    I need to fight the fire drake again but I can’t find him?

  3. Guess says:

    I am having difficulties with fighting panda runner. I chose Li Hua as 2nd sacrifice and went to thickest forest
    to fight panda runner but the thing is I can’t access the sealed
    Area at this point. Ive finished the game
    Already. Im playing new game + to get to the yours truly ending cuz I screwed up the first time. Please help I keep screwing up finds the pandas. It’s like my fourth new game + lol

  4. punchypedro says:

    Is there any chance to fight the other bosses here if you I accidentally fought the Fire Drake first?

  5. ChaosRing says:

    What if I have already sacrificed li hua? How do I kill the panda!

  6. icezzazin03 says:

    Please help, after 2nd sacrifice Li Hua as my 2nd sacrifice, now with conor and marie left. i stock with conor as my party even I told to Lessica.

    Conor is suck…

  7. nootle13 says:

    To fight the giant panda you need lin hua and her special ability make three combo and you can fight him

  8. Clarence says:

    To fight giant panda, use Li Hua to punch it.

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