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Posted on Mar 20, 2012

Chaos Rings II FAQ Ceremony of Selection Araki

If you are not sacrificing the person on the same order like written on this guide.You can help me by telling HP, Stolen item, and level of the bosses. Ex: Conquest has 10.250 HP if you sacrifice Li Hua on the first ceremony of selection. Please tell me his HP if you’re fighting him while sacrificing Lihua on second ceremony of selection.

Thank you very much 😀

Araki Sacrifice

If you choose Araki, he’ll ask you to go to

The Curfew Tolls

Chaos Rings 2 Light gate curfew tollsGo to point (1) on my map, check the light to enter the curfew tolls part 2. From here your goal is ‘BOSS’ mark on my map. You can go there quickly by using Iai on the field without entering any of dimensional area, but let’s not do that because it’s the last time your journey with him 😀 and there is a thing to do inside the dimensional area.

The most important thing you can do inside the dimensional area is to kill one of the Panda Gang Member; Panda Warlord (PW). He’ll split into 4 clones, just use “Iai” on each of them until you found the real one. You can steal Pearl from him and use paradise apple items to increase your gains from this battle.

After killing Panda Warlord, go to BOSS and

Battle: War

HP: 19.691 (1st sacrifice),19500 (2nd sacrifice), 23.000 (3rd sacrifice)

Stolen item: Lonsdalite Blade (1st sacrifice),Positron Weapon A (2nd sacrifice), Positron Weapon A (3rd  sacrifice),

He’s still easy like the 1st time when you met him. Attack Patterns:
[0] Executioner’s Pose: Pyre: Add blaze elemental to himself. This attack usually followed by
[0] Decapitation: damage all targets about 800 (based on your resistance against his element)
[0] The red horse: Increase critical hit rate
[0] Armor Crush: Decrease target defense and deals about 300 damage

His attacks are still miss a lot like the 1st time you met him. I believe he can change his element aside from blaze, but in my battle he only used pyre pose, just change your element according his element by using item or spell on the next turn after he had used executioner’s pose.

Check the orb after defeating him. To enter The Pedestal Chamber.

See an event and

Battle: Araki

Lvl: 18(1st sacrifice), 24 (2nd sacrifice), 30(3rd sacrifice)

HP: 8.850(1st sacrifice), 9850 (2nd sacrifice), ??(3rd sacrifice)

Stolen Item: Lotion: blaze (1st sacrifice), Lotion: blaze (2nd sacrifice), Lotion: blaze (3rd sacrifice)

This is an easy battle, change your element into gale and he’s as good as dead. Defend on the next turn after you have seen him using Demonic Strength. Don’t bother to steal from him if you’re on 2nd sacrifice like me, because he only carries Lotion Blaze..

Swipe your screen and

Battle: Ophan Araki

Lvl: 18 (1st sacrifice), 24 (2nd sacrifice), ??(3rd sacrifice)

HP: 6.500 (1st sacrifice), 8215 (2nd sacrifice), ??(3rd sacrifice)

Stolen Item:Power Seed(1st sacrifice), Power Seed (2nd sacrifice), ??(3rd sacrifice)

He’s as easy as the original, His attack patterns area the same like the original with additional few basic magic spells (Cremate, cocytus, etc). Use the same strategy to defeat him.

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27 Responses to “Chaos Rings II FAQ Ceremony of Selection Araki”

  1. oskar says:

    Go to point 1 but whenrr run into the light, nothing happens. I don’t know why.

  2. Cartoy says:

    Can i get the positron weapon after if i sacrifice Araki as the first sacrifice.?

  3. Pucci says:

    I found Conor very useful because his own sopia abilities are either to restore 1000 HP or 100 MP for both parties. I hope I can keep him till the end.

  4. Russhi says:

    War is 19691 HP, Lv 18 when I choose Araki for the 1st sacrifice.

  5. Gnast says:

    Araki 3rd sacrifice lvl 30.
    steal item= lotion(blaze)

  6. Gnast says:

    3rd sacrifice war hp: around 23000
    steal item: positron weapon A(araki’s item)
    Just keep atack him in pair, u will deal 4000damage each turn or +9000 critick.

  7. ChaosRing says:

    What is this positron weapon A ?

  8. deoxys says:

    In the 1st ritual, Araki is at lv 18, has 8550 hp and carries lotion blaze. His ophan is lv 18 and has 6500 hp.

  9. deoxys says:

    The stolen weapon of War in the 1st ritual is the Lonsdaleite Blade (for Araki). I forgot to check his HP, but I think it’s around 19500.

  10. Ventis says:

    i know in the first sacrifice when u select araki darwin says he has many unanswered questions.. do these get answered before the second sacrifice? i dont want to keep araki alive if he doesnt bring anymore value for the story and character development. darwin awake lvl2 is all i care about otherwise :p

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just try it when you have chapter selection feature :D. not much story told anyway

    • ChaosHeart says:

      You get to know what happened in the end of the game in any case. But if you really do want to know! Go ahead and sacrifice him. After every sacrifice, you can read the character profiles and their histories in detail in the Library of the Hall found in the corridor of the female dormitory, the door found at the most right corner.

      Araki’s history and why he behaves the way he does can be found in the book of the ‘Candidates of the 1685th Rite’.

  11. Kain says:

    you must have been really lucky with your battle with War….
    He changes elements every 2 rounds and then follows up with a decapitation 🙁
    He killed me 6 times before I could beat him (by sheer luck)
    Necrosis and a ton of Healing was the only way I could beat him (that and the fact I was lvl 25 when he was like 18)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup I must have been lucky then, He rarely uses decapitation on this battle 😀

    • ChaosHeart says:

      I don’t know if I was considered over-leveled, I don’t think so but amongst the Horsemen, the only one that posed some difficulty was Famine because of the scale attacks, but that’s about it. It was more of annoyance than anything.

      The only battles I found reaaaally difficult in this game(aside from P.U.B requests) was the Tentacle when you have to buy time at the Zenith, and Neron at the first ending.

      The P.U.B fights that give you the ImPervious title, don’t be afraid to fight them even if you’re underleved by 15 or so, they’re not difficult at all. (: Just requires a little healing strategy and elemental exploitation. Hope this helped!

  12. Clarence says:

    Yes you can sacrifice conor. A different story line will appear. No spoilers here. =]

  13. Arc says:

    Can I sacrifice Conor instead of Araki/Li Hua in the second ritual?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe you can but I haven’t tried it

    • ChaosHeart says:

      Yes you may, if you haven’t sacrificed Li Hua until the second, and you choose Conor instead of her, she says some rather touching lines when you speak to her after choosing Conor in the Ceremony of Selection.

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