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Posted on Mar 21, 2012

Chaos Rings II FAQ Ceremony of Selection Conor

Conor Sacrifice

You can use Conor as a sacrifice only on 2nd or third ceremony of selection. Go to Beyond the Rift (1) and head to the spot where you fought Legion before (BOSS). Check the light and

Beyond the Rift (2)

For Beyond of The Rift (1) you can visit this link.

Your goal is BOSS on the map. As you progress on this dungeon shoot all Aim Devices on the map. If you have shot all 3 Aim devices then you’ll see a device appears on (PQ) spot. Shoot the new device and there will be Panda Queen Appear. Defeat her as a part of panda gang member side quest.

BOSS: Famine

HP: 17.000

Lvl: 24 (2nd sacrifice), 36(3rd sacrifice)

HP: 15.850  (2nd sacrifice), 17.000 (3rd sacrifice)

Stolen Item:Bloody Rose (2nd sacrifice), Bloody Rose(3rd sacrifice)

Has a gale elemental,. I suggest you to use pair cremate to deal damage against her since she has high physical defense. Attack patterns:

[0] Starving for Sustenance: Deals percentage of damage based on your current HP and change your characters attribute to aqua.
[0] Starving for Succor: same as Starvinf sustenance but it reduces MP instead of HP.
[0] Black Horse: deals a little amount of damage and cause blind (all)
[0] Pscychoblast: Deals a moderate amount of damage to all targets (neutral element??)
[0] Ruwach: Deals gale based magic damage to all members

Enter the pedestal chamber

Swipe your screen as usual and

BOSS: Ophan Conor

Steal Luck Seed from this boss. It can use all Conor’s skill and change your attribute which makes this battle a little bit hard. He can deals about 1000 damage per hit if he has element adavantage over you, so use lotion to change your element to gain advantage of this battle.

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13 Responses to “Chaos Rings II FAQ Ceremony of Selection Conor”

  1. Dustin says:

    Where does Connor run off to after you choose him as your first pilliar? Idk where he went 🙁

  2. Adi says:

    Help me T.T at the first sacrifice I used conor, then I have to choose again, I Choosed li hua. Then now I have to choose another sacrifice (araki or conor). Which one I have to choose? Araki? Or conor? It’s confusing T.T

  3. Umps says:

    Pecan someone teach me how to use Connors aim field ability? I missed the tutorial and nowhere can I find the instructions again.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      touch the object and then drag the line to the spot where conor stands. BTW, You can see the tutorial on the manual. Thanks for using my guide. Please tell others about this guide 😀

  4. lil k says:

    I like it when i slice someones head especially conor

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, it looks like most people hate Conor that’s why SE is trolling with us, so we can’t sacrifice him at first ceremony. But he’s not a bad boy after all :D.
      Thanks for using my guide.

    • ChaosHeart says:

      I chose to sacrifice him as my first, but not because I hate him. It was just that he’s really weak compared to the other two, but I had to sacrifice Araki in his stead since he wasn’t ready. But his sacrifice was the only one that made me tear. I’m quite upset with myself since Marie’s sacrifice didn’t make me tear at all although I did feel sad.

      Li Hua and Conor’s sacrifices are the saddest among all; after you cut them down, their thoughts can be seen and while reading, that’s when you really start sobbing.

      When you get the Rose Brooch, TBH, Marie can already do everything that Brooch can give, and she can cast it on her partner in battle too. My usual party is Darwin and Marie, the classic one XD But I love it. Orlando is pretty awesome too.

  5. Zstar says:

    2nd Sacrifice
    Stolen Item:Bloody Rose

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