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Posted on Mar 18, 2012

Chaos Rings II FAQ Ceremony of Selection Li Hua

If you are not sacrificing the person on the same order like written on this guide.You can help me by telling HP, Stolen item, and level of the bosses. Ex: Conquest has 10.250 HP if you sacrifice Li Hua on the first ceremony of selection. Please tell me his HP if you’re fighting him while sacrificing Lihua on second ceremony of selection.

Thank you very much 😀

Destiny's Height Spot

Choose Li Hua to become a pillar and she’ll accept it. She’ll ask you to go with her to someplace first, go to Destiny’s Height to the area where you saw a giant stone that blocks your path; marked as (FM) on my map. She’ll destroy the stone. Go inside to see an event. Go back to


Now you need to go to the place where you can do the ceremony. Go to

Drifting Sorrow

Path to Drifting Sorrow (2)

Go to the area where you fought the boss before. Check the light to go to the new area. Visit this link to see Drifting Sorrow (1) map.

Drifting Sorrow (2)

Just keep following the path until you arrive at (PT) mark on my map. Use Sprint and then jump to fight

Tips: equip Sopia that allows you to steal item

Panda Thug

LVL 20;HP 2000; Carries great OZ.

On the beginning of the battle use Paradise Apple: Wisdom and Skill. Steal Pearl from him and then you can kill it. This should gives you about 12480 OZ and 3800 EXP ( I fought him at LVL 11-20 area). You’ll also get a notification that you have drove off one of the eight members of panda gang.

Continue north (save your game) and you’ll meet with

BOSS: Conquest

Lvl: 18(1st sacrifice), 24 (2nd sacrifice), 30(3rd sacrifice)

HP: 10.250(1st sacrifice), 8215 (2nd sacrifice), ??(3rd sacrifice)

Stolen Item: ?(1st sacrifice), Der Freischütz (2nd sacrifice),Der Freischütz(3rd sacrifice)

You can steal Lightning Bow from him. Attack Patterns:

[0] Hurricane doom: deal 400 gale based damage to one target
[0] Item Estop: prevent targets from using item command (target all characters)
[0] Blizzard Doom: deal 400 aqua based damage to one target
[0] Inferno Doom (Fire Damage)
[0] Attack Estop

It seems that he only uses 2 elements on this battle (aqua and gale). So use your Sopia to change your attribute according to his element to reduce damage taken and increase damage output.

Tips: Remove all Li Hua’s equipment if you want 😀 You can sell them for a little OZ.

Check the orb to begin the ritual.

Swipe the screen to begin the ritual. Event and

BOSS: Ophan Li Hua

Very easy battle, you can steal Defense seed from her. She has blaze attribute so begin the battle with aqua element. Attack Patterns:

[0] Beng Quan: Counter your physical attack
[0] Flying Crane: deals 150 damage (neutral??)
[0] Cremate: deals about 150 magic damage (blaze element)

After defeating her, you’ll obtain Li Hua’s Sopia. Go back to Base Camp.

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19 Responses to “Chaos Rings II FAQ Ceremony of Selection Li Hua”

  1. Iveyboi says:

    Thank you for the walkthrough. Just selected Lu Hua as my first sacrifice. Conquest was sooo much easier the 2nd time!

  2. cjs313 says:

    is there any other way to steal the pearl again?

  3. cjs313 says:

    if i happen to forget to steal the pearl, will i be able to steal from other monsters again?

  4. Lili says:

    I’m fighting Conquest right now with Li Hua as my 3rd sacrifice. I just analyzed him at the start of the match. He’s level 30 with 14,250 HP.

  5. ChaosHeart says:

    [Minor Spoiler Alert!]

    Actually you can’t sell her equipment after being sacrificed, her panel won’t be available to be selected under Piu-piu’s shop ): I did the same for most of the characters before I sacrificed them except Marie, cause I had a feeling Marie wouldn’t be sacrificed, but she was and resurrected so it was kinda the same.

    In any case, do NOT sell them! Is what I recommend, unless it’s a crappy weapon/armor. If you took the time to gather good equipment, you might wanna save them because the characters do come back to life!

  6. chaincat says:

    conquest has magic estop and attacks twice. i have better luck against herald cuz he just stops my every move except awake and advent (do not use advent)

  7. SkyKing says:

    For the second encounter for Conquest, you also steal Der Freischütz from him.

    It’s spelt wrong for the third encounter.

  8. SkyKing says:

    Conquest also knows the moves:
    -Inferno Doom (Fire Damage)
    -Attack Estop

    I’m not sure if it knows more “Estops” but it used that against me.

    I fought Conquest on the Third Ceremony so maybe the moves differ from Ceremonies.

  9. Anthony says:

    After choosing Araki, I am stuck in the fight against death.
    How do you beat him ?

  10. Arthur says:

    Why choose Conor first? I ended up choosing Li Hua, as wasn’t sure of choice.

    By the way, do you happen to have the snippet of text she says after being sacrificed? I have been looking all over for that.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Choosing Conor first is for percentage purpose (unlock Conor picture on Scenario flow chart). You can’t offer Conor as 1st sacrifice anyway. CHeck my previous guide to know what will happen if you choose to sacrifice Conor first. Thanks for using my guide.

  11. paopao says:

    I think the lv 2 awake will be useful when get early at the game so I will choose araki also thank

  12. nootle13 says:

    I recomment to choose araki first to get darwin lv 2 awake or choose conor to get percent of scenerio and choose araki

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