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Chaos Rings II FAQ Forest Thickets and Conor


You need to bring Araki on this mission (I use Araki and Darwin). Go to

Forest Thickets

From the starting point go north, you’ll see a branching path. The path on the east leads to dimensional area which is blocked by Fa Jin skill, you can’t go north but you can take item on that area. Backtrack and continue north. On this area you may find treasure chest but if you don’t find it, then it means the treasure chest will spawn on the next area “C”.

Head west to another dimensional area and switch to Darwin to obtain the item on the isolated platform which can be reached by using “Sprint”. Backtrack to the north and use Iai to obtain the item. Move until you see a sealed gate. Go southeast and you’ll arrive on the first dimensional area that you have entered before (Fa jin dimensional), take the item and then backtrack. Head southwest and save your game

Equip Sopia that allows you to steal from the enemy.

Boss: War

Lvl 15; HP: 18.000

One of the 4 horsemen. You can steal Sere Katana from him (this katana is also sold on Piu Piu shop). Attack Patterns:

[0] Extreme Judgment: deals about 500 neutral damage to single target. This attack has low accuracy or I was extremely lucky against him.
[0] Esecution Pose (aqua/gale/blaze): he’ll add one element to his attribute and the use Decapitation  on the next turn
[0] Decapitation: Deals about 500 damage to all (Choose pair so you can deal more damage because this attack will hurts all of your members anyway)

After this battle Araki will obtain new “awake” attack. Go back to


Talk to Lessica and you need to sacrifice someone now,

Darwin refuses so

Battle: Herald Level 42

Just by looking at his level you should already know the outcome of this battle :D. Slicer does 52 k damage….

I choose Conor at this time (hehe :D, Li Hua is too hot to be sacrificed, Araki is strong, so it’s obvious why I choose Conor). You’ll automatically control Li Hua now. Go to Forest Thickets and head to “C” on the map. Kill 3 Mantis and then go back to Base Camp. Conor sucks, so you need to choose another candidate.

For this first playthrough I choose Li Hua, so from now on my guide will based on Li Hua path (I guess it won’t make a lot of difference judging from scenario flow on the menu).

Chaos Rings II Main Guide 

Next Part: (Second Sacrifice) Araki (You’ll obtain Darwin Awoken lvl 2)

Next Part: (Second Sacrifice) Li Hua

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  1. K says:

    So first you wanted to kill the little kid, then you decide to sacrifice the woman with a child? Pretty brutal, aren’t ya?

    (JK, I tried killing Conor first too 😛 )

  2. ChaosHeart says:

    Hmm actually I think there’s quite a diverse difference if you chose Li Hua first instead of Araki, I chose Araki first and the scenario chart was more on the right side, Li Hua would be on the left side I guess. I’m gonna chapter select back to it when I’m done with the P.U.B quests. I’ll let you know (:

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