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Posted on May 2, 2012

Chaos Rings II Faq True Magnum Fang Guide April Update part 2

Now you have 3 Sopia train them until they reach level 4. I suggest you to use Li hua and Lessica.

Level up tips

1st method:

Equip dragon Sopia (+1 charge) nad then on every battle use advent attack (araki sopia is preferred since it can cause blowout). This attack should end most of enemies on one hit. I prefer to do this on all seeing eye, since it seems to have strongest enemy on this game.

2nd method:

Go to land of desolate and look for the bug enemy (Katydid). Use Paradise apple body, and then always left one katydid on the battle until he uses “ Call for reinforcement” which will summon another katydid into battle. Just repeat this progress until you’re satisfied.

3rd method (thanks to Doggie):

Let a fast person to use Paradise Apple: Body
Using a spellcaster (Marie/Lessica), use a Rank 2 spell (Karma/Absolute Zero/Ruwach) to kill the enemy

Do this in every battle, regardless of exp, this will cost quite a bit of Oz from buying a load of Paradise Apple: Body, but leveling will be very fast.

I prefer the 1st method more than 2nd method. It’s all up to you though :D.

Train until you have 3 horsemen sopia reach level 4.

VS Conquest

HP: about 26250 (calculated from gangrene damage)

Recommended things: Super MV (Speed Booster if you’re too underleveled and can’t keep up with his speed), 3 Gale sopia, attacking items (elemental breach).

You must act first on this battle because he can attack twice per turn and deals a lot of damage to your character. You don’t need to equip Auryn because it can’t block his “stops” attack. Watch out when his HP fall below half because he’ll start to mix “Arrow of Dominion” to his attack.

Use Gangrene at the beginning of this battle until it deals only 2000-3000. After that attack him when by using elemental breach. Keep wait until you’re able to do do crimson chain which is also bugged.

Reward: Feng Huang Cape

From now on I always use Darwin and Lessica. Train them until you have mastered all horsemen sopia (you will get nobel prize sopia achievement after doing this :D). All of the tactics against the boss are very much the same. Here are my setup:


[0] Qilin Gate Skill (3 gold sopia)
[0] Conquest Sopia; I need it for Trickle Charge (nice regen), Triumphal Song (always heal to full HP if used with pair and Azi Dahaka), Pale Rider’s Boon (to increase your party status), and Mental Wall
[0] Gigas: Nice HP boost and Sacrifice skill
[0] Beetle: Stone wall spell (you’ll need this on upcoming battle)
[0] Marie Sopia: You need to cast regenerate on every battle to be safe.
[0] Equipment: Blade of Quale (Deity’s Shadow reward), Azrael’s Armor, Auryn/speed booster (immune to bad status and make sure you act  first)

Qilin Gate will give you HP and MP boost, if you find yourself act after the enemies change auryn into speed booster.


[0] Tiger Gate LVL 3 skill (3 gale sopia)
[0] Famine: Untouchable (immune to bad statuses), Gangrene (deals 20 % damage of remaning HP), physical resistance
[0] Azi Dahaka: 2x healing
[0] Owl/other green sopia
[0] Equipment: Seraphic Rings (Deity’s Shadow reward) ,, Super MV

With this set up Lessica will always act first on the battle (unless you’re really underleveled). Equip Super MV because Lessica already resist to all bad statuses (untouchable) and you use it on appropriate gender 😀 (Darwin wearing Super MV :D, nono).

Overall tactic against upcoming boss battle

Always cast regenerate on the very first battle. After that just attack and heal until your charge level reach lvl 3, use Divine Judgment (Lessica’s advent), this will stop your opponent for 4 turns. On this turn just hit them with everything you got, if you want to use sacrifice use it now because the enemy won’t be able to attack/counter. It depends on your remaining HP, so you might want to use Triumphal Song to restore your Hp before you use it (if your HP is too low).

A Couple’s Shadow

Location: Land of Desolate Boss area (wyvern’s location)

Darwin; HP: 33200 Steal: Power seed
Marie; HP: 24200 Steal: Magic Seed

Follow overall tactic and you should be fine. Darwin can use Collbrande on this battle and Marie can also use Ironclad Mercy. Just keep healing until you reach charge level 3 if this battle is too hard for you :D.

Reward: La Divina Commedia (marie’s weapon)

Brother’s Shadow

Location: Forest Thicket (1) Boss area

Orlando; HP: 33800 Steal: Speed Seed
Araki; HP: 43600 Steal: Power Seed

I suggest you to equip Auryn because they can seal your skill if you don’t equip it. Remember to use defend on the next trun if you see he uses demonic strength.

Reward: Rend the Heavens (Araki’s Weapon) and “ Shadows and Dust” (Orlando’s weapon)

A Sister’s Shadow

Location: Destiny’s Height Boss area

Conor; HP: 30800 Steal: luck Seed
Li Hua; HP: 36600 Steal: ?? Seed

Conor will use Je ne Sais Quoi (not sure if I spell it right :D), and it can be quite annoying since it really buff Li Hua’s damage. It’s still easy though 😀 Kill Conor first because I hate him 😀

Reward: Deadline (Conor’s Weapon) and Hands on Glory (Li Hua’s Weapon)

VS Herald

Herald: 4865 (Gangrene damage; HP: 24000) Steal: Last supper

Equip conquest, Azi Dahaka, and it’s all up to you for the last sopia

The key to win on this battle is Mental wall, just keep casting it and heal when necessary.

Reward: Revelation Raiment

A Deity’s Shadow

Location: Remain of Faith boss area

Darwin: 42800; Steal: Power Seed
Lessica: 36200; Steal: Magic Seed

Now Darwin can use Godslayer which can deal a lot of damage!!! But if you follow overall tactic you should face no trouble (I was at level 135 when fought this battle).

Reward: Blade of Quale (Darwin’s Weapon) and Seraphic Rings (Lessica’s weapon)

Shadow of the Omega

Garrick: 7193 (Stressor initial damage; HP: 48000); Steal: Lavender
Alto: 6863 (Stressor initial damage; Hp: 46000); Steal: Gateau Chocolate

Make sure you act first and ALWAYS USE STONE WALL ON THE BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE, because Garrick will definetily use True Magnum Fang. On the second turn Alto will use Lady Chaos 0 (can’t be blocked by Stone wall), so solo defend. On the 3rd turn immediately use pair regenerate and then proceed the rest of the battle with Solo command until you reach lvl 3 charge (use divine punishment).

Reward: Black Diamond (crappy accessories??)

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37 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Faq True Magnum Fang Guide April Update part 2”

  1. Neoalffx says:

    Hi, it’s been a while and im progressing through the game (on Shadow of Omega now). Your guide proves once again really useful. However I have a question about Nobel Prize Sopia. It says on your April Update Part 2 that I would get Nobel Prize Sopia once I master all the Horsemen Sopia. I’ve gone back to all my sopias and found all of them to be 5 stars, but didn’t see a Nobel Prize Sopia. Do you know what may the reason be? Thanks!

  2. Riuzaky14 says:

    Dude, you rock doin’ strategy (I use Orlando & Darwin, a badass team xD)

  3. xinn says:

    There is a faster way to level up. Around 260K exp everytime if you do it right and its really fast. No need to kill annoying grasshoppers.

    1. Go to the ALLSEEING EYE, the area just before you meet with the rest to fight AMON.
    2. Make sure you have a fast warrior(equip 3 gale) if you want and have a caster or anyone to simply cast a level 2 magic (karma etc) or simply equip DRAGON SOPHIA to spam advent skill.
    3. Okay, simply run around the area in that room..specifically in the glyph circle on the ground. Wait till get to fight 2 panda mobs, 3 panda mobs or the rare BLACK PANDA MOB which gives around 520K exp if used with paradise body.

    1. Cast paradise body right away.
    2. Cast paradise skill. YES THIS METHOS GIVEA YOU 120SP EVERYTIME and 200sp if fought with black panda.
    3. If you have enough speed there is a high chance that the pandas wont even get a turn after you cast 1 and 2. But if they do just pray its not ESCAPE(if this happens no EXP for you)..hahaha..
    4. Last is to simply cast an ADVENT SKILL OR USE A LEVEL 2 MAGIC SKILL. DONE!!!!

    YOU CAN KILL THEM IN LESS THAN 45SECONDS. Thats around 2-3 levels for 260k exp and 5-6 levels if you kill the black panda around 560k exp. Dont worry these panda shows up alot on this area.

    Note: you can steal CUPIDO ROBES from the other pandas but I cant seem to steal anything from the black panda.



    • docnutnut says:

      This is the greatest levelling up tip for the game. I’ve been doing grasshoppers for a whole day and wanted to find something that wouldn’t make me want to break my Android.

      Thanks Xinn 🙂

  4. Iddy says:

    Hello. I have a miniscule problem here. I’m trying to complete the pub quests, but when I tried to do the ” shadows couples ” quest, I couldn’t find them. Instead I find a red wyvern over n over again. I read your guide above(April up8 part 2) but I can’t seem to find the shadow couples. Is there any prequisite that I had missed. Hope I’ll get some help here. Btw great guide composed here.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s an old game and I have forgotten about it. Try to read section before maybe you will find what you’re lack at.

    • bazerkaX says:

      i know this is probably super late but for those who were also stuck; the shadows aren’t in the boss area. they’re in the dead end location of the map

  5. Lrac says:

    i recommend for fast leveling..just equip dragon sopia..and use any characters (i prefer darwin and marie) .. and always use the skill can deal 10k+ damage to the enemies in all-seeing eyes..1 hit

  6. fateoficarus says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but another good way to level up (especially when you’re around level 100, but I didn’t realize this until my characters were around 145), is to just keep fighting Piu Piu over and over again. It’s much more fun than killing katydid’s or mantis’s one by one for ten minute stretches at a time. The EXP pay out is 300,000 with a paradise apple. Added bonus: you get to rewatch the ending.

  7. Luminous says:

    I used the 2nd method of leveling up and killed about 20 bugs and my level increased by 6 from 132 to 138 so even if it’s boring and repetitive but I think it’s the best method.

  8. Gladoxic says:

    There’s a far easier way to face herald without needing to be busy casting mental wall routinely. just equip three blue sopia (death, kraken and chameleon) and magic booster jewels so lessica’s magic point reach 2700++. Quickly cast magician rule at the beginning, that way, any herald’s magic damage dealt to lessica will be HUGELY minimized (below 400 dmg) and when herald hit you with physical attack (which will surely hurt) just counter it with steal HP and it will suck a lot of HP from herald, and heals you at the same time 🙂

    I finished vs herald pub request at lvl 110-115 this way. Even though herald attacks me two-three times per turn.

  9. Jericho says:

    My leveling up procedure:
    Go to Abbedon
    First Turn:
    With the attacker (Darwin, Araki, etc): steal item from the first gladius.
    With the healer (Marie, Lessica, Conor): use Paradise Apple Body for double XP
    Second Turn:
    Attacker, steal item from the second gladius
    Healer: Cast Karma or absolute zero, You Win. Every 3 wins or so is a level up (as long as you are on the correct level of Abbedon for your character)

  10. fafalafafa says:

    Hello TS,

    I also have an easier way on leveling character from lvl 50-100. though it is slightly difficult at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll love it.

    if character lvl <100

    for spellcaster:
    moth lvl 5
    kraken lvl 4
    Sprite lvl 5

    for warrior:
    Slot 1:cupido lvl 5(for item gathering)/any sophia that you want to level.
    Slot 2:Legion lvl 5/any sophia that you also want to level up
    Slot 3:any sophia that you want to level up.

    as you end the story (amon), you will have an access to level 100-200. just go to falls of acheon and just roam around the first map/stage or whatever you call it. there is a great chance of having battles with 3 enemies at a time. make sure that your spellcaster has a high speed or else you will have difficulty on defeating them. mostly in this dungeon, monsters have high speed especially the dog, so beware. using moth sophia, you can cast absolute zero for at least 3k in damage EACH so there is a possibility of one-turn kill here. giving you at least 25k+ exp or ~30k exp if legion sophia is present.

    if your level is 100+

    go to forest thickets and go to the middle part.same equipments, same sophia, but you may have the speed booster now, so, equip it with your warrior so that he can cast Paradise apple:body before your spellcaster kills them all. in mantises, there is a possibility of dropping a paradise apple:body so you won't be having any trouble buying it. hope this helps.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    What do I get after mastering all 4 horsemen sopia?

  12. Mekuser54 says:

    I see on one of the picture Blacklessica-Sophia. How can i encounter it?

  13. agsub says:

    A faster way to beat Conquest is to simply use Beng Quan (Li Hua’s first ability). Since most of conquest’s attacks are considered physical attack (except item seal, attack seal, whitehorse and arrow) and Beng Quan can counter more than once per turn, you can potentially critical counter for both his attack every turn.

  14. mj says:

    Here’s another hint.

    Equip the dragon sopia (i believe). This gives you one full charge gauge automatically if the sopia is at level 5. Equip darwin or have someone in your party with the ability to cast an offensive pair advent (like gale roar or brilliant rain). Even if you are slower than an enemy, they will die from the ~6000 dmg you do to them

  15. kev89 says:

    i have one question, where are the secrets bosses i cant find them, these ones are the pub quest but the update says “””””””secret bosses”””” dont tell me it wass garrick and alto :S and no more

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it’s Garrick and ALto, but not sure too. Will try to re-explore every areas from now on and will update the guide if I have found something.

  16. Doggiie says:

    Another leveling up tip I learnt back in older Chaos Rings

    Let a fast person to use Paradise Apple: Body
    Using a spellcaster (Marie/Lessica), use a Rank 2 spell (Karma/Absolute Zero/Ruwach) to kill the enemy

    Do this in every battle, regardless of exp, this will cost quite a bit of Oz from buying a load of Paradise Apple: Body, but leveling will be very fast.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thanks for the tips will add it on my guide

    • Theawesomeness10 says:

      I learned something that’s actually incredibly useful. It takes a bit of time and requires some patience, but the end result I find to be well worth it. Go to The Curfew Tolls and you’ll find the grasshopper enemies there. Try and get into a battle with three of them. What you then want to do is fight them but make sure that there’s always at least one left at any given time. Eventually, it’ll start to cast “Call Reinforcements.” More of them will appear. You get money, SP, and exp from each one you fight. Keep doing this process of killing them and letting them come back until you’ve had your fill, then use any Paradise Apples you want to (usually body or wisdom, but before you’ve fully upgraded all your sopia, you can use the SP one too) and finish off all the remaining enemies. I got over 200 SP (with an apple), 35K OZ, and nearly 200,000 exp for about 10 minutes of this. Higher level dungeons will get you even more.

      I don’t know if this was fixed in any of the updates, but I’m running 1.0 until I beat it and it works fine here.

    • Aetersyl says:

      I agree, this method works better. You can earn 120k+ per battle if you fight against 3 enemies (90k+ if 2 enemies).

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