Chaos Rings II Guide Abaddon and Neron |
Posted on Mar 21, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide Abaddon and Neron

Go back to Abaddon and talk to Lessica again. This time answer with “yes” unless you want to see previous ending one more time :D.

Battle: Lessica

You can steal Gateau Chocolate from her :D. Her Hp is about 10.000 (I don’t equip sprite Sopia, sorry please leave comment if you know). Attack Patterns:

[0] Mental Wall: Blocks your magic attack on the next turn after she used it
[0] Sanctus: neutral/holy magic damage about 400

She’s easy just keep attacking her. She’ll join you at the end of the battle, SWEET!!

Now go right to the moving stairs and check the panel to descend. You’ll see similar area below so just going east and you’ll face

BOSS: War and Conquest

First of all, Lessica will use her cool attack at the beginning of the battle (LVL 2 Awoken). But they don’t die…. Steal Lancination (War) and The symposium (Conquest). Their attack pattern is still the same as before.

Use Brahmastra ASAP, this attack should cause blind to War which will render him blind and useless. I suggest you to kill War first and then switch to Conquest (Conquest tends to use support spell like item estop, def estop, etc).

Continue and you’ll arrive at planet’s core. Just keep following the path (nothing special in this area. It is pretty straight forward, so you don’t need map). At the end of the path you’ll face.

BOSS Death and Famine

Remember when Darwin said

But here we’re now facing him again :D. This battle is quite hard. Steal Sapphire (Death) and Angel Howl (Famine). Most dangerous combo is breath of the underworld and then any Famine’s attack will kill your characters …

Cast pair “Hot pepper” first and save your charge gauge to do Collbrande. If you’re slower than them, then use sprinter’s breath to boost your character’s speed.

Continue north and event

BOSS: Neron (De javu)

Steal Vin Brulee (VDSQ) and then just wait like you did on the very beginning of this game.


BOSS: Neron

HP: 37.500

He can attack twice per turns. At the beginning of the battle he’ll use megiddo’s blessing on every turn. Never use pair attack until he has stopped casting megiddo’s blessing (about2-3 turns). Attack Patterns:

[0] Megiddo’s blessing; Deals 400 damage and inflict bad statuses on target
[0] Hammer of Tyranny: 400 damage to single target
[0] Flame of destruction Kindled: Preparation before casting Gehenna flame on the next turn.
[0] Gehenna flame: Neutral damage (even the name of this attack is flame) to all targets (1500 damage). Use Defend when to reduce the damage of this attack.
[0] Forced Regeneration: heals about 1500 Hp to itself. Change its element into gale, aqua, or blaze. use it for your advantage.

I haven’t tried it yet but try to use necrosis to reduce 15% of his Hp at the beginning of this battle, just keep doing this until your normal damage deal more damage than necrosis (I don’t have Cupido sopia equipped when fought him).


See the ending and congratulation one more time :D. Save your clear data and Load it again.

Thanks for using my guide. The video of the ending song has been removed by the uploader, if you want to know what is the song’s name and the singer, Singer: Minori Chihara –  Song: Celestial Diva

Chaos Rings 2 Main Guide


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62 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide Abaddon and Neron”

  1. leejikyo says:

    how to get “true good ending” where darwin will fight amon and then Darwin safely returned to the surface and reunite with the other party (marie,orlando,araki,li hua,connor) can you help me? >_<

  2. anon says:

    i cant seem to beat the hunger/famine combo. Can you please help me 🙁

  3. Salvatore says:

    Forced Regeneration can also give him aqua element (that happened when I fought him); it’s also possible for blaze element (I’m not sure, myself, but it could happen). Might wanna add that.

  4. Jing says:

    Tips for Neron:

    recommended level: about 38
    equip darwin with Dragon, azi dahaka, Kraken so he can have 3 elemental attackss.use elemental advantage sopia from Darwin. Lessica as a healer. basically she just give chocolates. when he use Gehenna flame don’t be lazy use solo defence. When you chopped him down to 50%, he can only deal about 500 damage to each one. use Darwin’s awake 2 and it should do 3000-4000. at the last 15%, finish him with pair karma/abs zr/ruwach, it should do about 5000.

  5. Lili says:

    I’m fighting Neron right now. So I was able to steal a Vin Brûlée (VDQS) which I’ll probably definitely need.

  6. Sidney Grey says:

    I’m so disappointed. I just bought the soundtrack on iTunes but it doesn’t have Lessica’s song. Especially the one at the end where you fight her. It was sooo good. Anyone know where I can find it? I can only find the voice only versions on YouTube.

  7. Gosu says:

    I noticed some post about that Coal Billiken. I came to search for it as soon as I encountered it. He’s strong lol
    He uses extreme healing, has high damage and high defense. Worst of all, he casts Ascension in a row (Blowout when it hits). Almost had him.
    Encounter him in the middle path of the all seeing eye.

  8. chaincat says:

    in the death/famine fight neither of them can be blinded making bramastra useless. pair actions also leave you significantly open (executioner and swallow tail = doom unless your lvl 40+) and they can just end you on turn 1 with breath of the underworld and dark horse regardless of stats.

  9. Yuukina-chan says:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful guide! 😀

    thanks for the link of the song too. I intentionally made my battle with Lessica longer just to hear the whole song. XD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, now you don’t need to battle with Jessica in order to hear this song :D. Thanks for using my guide.
      Please Support us on facebook, twitter, and google +1.

  10. anonymoues says:

    After stolen Lancination (War) , The symposium (Conquest) and Angel Howl (Famine) wheat is these item and where can i find them ?
    I can find Steal Sapphire (Death) in my jewel inventory but these stated 3 item cannot be found.

  11. Pugedzz says:

    hmm..i just checked all parts of your guide and figure that there are only 7 panda gang locations?..where is the last panda..T.T?

  12. cyllis says:

    btw, darwin is such a jerk, he didnt tell marie he loves her at the end as promised lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      love can be only said through action not word :D. see the true ending 😀 guide coming soon 😀

      • cyllis says:

        😉 true, definitely

        love the ending tho very good

        • Whatever says:

          I chose No, fought neron and get this ending in the 1st time, but couldnot find the “chapter feature” anywhere 🙁 so i đin’t see the bad ending yet. Pls help!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          just load your game and play it again, you’ll be told when you get the chapter selection event.Thank you for using my guide and please support us on facebook, twitter, and google +1.

  13. elfiie says:

    btw… where to get plum jam? i only have 3. its so hard to get.

  14. elfiie says:

    for the 8 panda gang quest, after defeating all 8 not sure what to do next or does the quest just end after defeating the 8 pandas?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’ll learn rogue panda quest at Piu Piu’s girls cutout (you need on post game section first).
      of course I will update the guide. The game is still not finished yet. I am working on it now.
      Thanks for using my guide.

  15. cyllis says:

    hey just wondering, did you encounter some panda called “coal billiken” (black panda) at all? it hit literally 2000up, has a little high defense as well, so far this is like my first black panda in the game

  16. ridwan says:

    does this game still continue
    “Good Ending: Fight Neron and…. but actually it leads to the post-game and True Good Ending

    True Good Ending: Enter The All-Seeing Eye and defeat The Creator, Amon. ”

    it seems that you still need to get the true good ending

  17. Joshua says:

    Just finished the game about 30 minutes ago and it’s really nice. Are you going to do a guide on killing the creator? I was gonna finish that part today but i need me some sleep also aha

  18. cyllis says:

    thanks for the guide, i like how you don’t spoil the story too much like some other people did in the other games, makes me read it without having to spoil myself so much 🙂 could have been great if you added the level you’ve beaten each bosses in as well so the reader knows approximately where they need to get to

    and as for neron, he never stop the blessing… unfortunately, and the other four horsemen i couldnt seem to blind any of them at all :/ but managed to beat them pretty alright.. not too bad

    personally i think this song was a bit out of expectation for chaos rings series, its a bit too.. anime for me hm thought it was going to be somewhat more of a classical or something serene like in the other two in the series but it was nice anyways, storyline is as amazing as ever, although i find CHomega the one which contain the heaviest load of depression on lol

    looking forward to read the rest of the stuffs!


    ps. i went through araki>>coran>>lihua path, nothing really changes a lot apart from the level of the bosses nd stuffs, and a little bit of talking that would tell you more about the character and so.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am really glad you like my guide :D. ABout boss’s level I really forgot to include it on my guide and I have forgotten them now, will do this on post game section :D. Agree about Chaos ring omega dude, it’s so depressing.thanks for the info about path’s difference.

  19. Priyansh says:

    Correction:- At the Famine and Death battle, none of them can be blinded. And Neron won’t use Megiddo’s blessing in a row, when I was battling him, he used it at the 3rd turn. And when he uses Forced regeneration, he switches his sopia to gale (green) so you can make darwin and lessica use fire sopia to have a big advantage against him. And neron’s HP is 37,500. Btw thanks for this guide. It really helped me a lot and hope this info helps you too. 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah this really helps me. About blind, I can inflict to one of them on the battle, will check it again later :D. Thanks 😀

      • Randius says:

        I am totally unsure of using negative status magic during boss fights because in other games, they usually don’t work. However, in CR because of the element advantage, I feel there is little need for status magic.

  20. nootle13 says:

    hmm the singer custom look like lessica custom I think ?

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