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Posted on Mar 24, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide All Seeing Eye and Amon

You need to see both of the ending to unlock this scenario (bad ending and normal ending). So do it if you haven’t :D.

You start at the spot where you have defeated Neron. Now talk to Lessica to escape from this place.

You’re free to choose the people you want to use to escape from this place. You need to retry 2 times to complete the scenario flowchart.

Base Camp

You’ll get a notification about new products, so go there to buy new equipments for all characters (especially Orlando :D). There are a lot of new optional side quests which you can do to strengthen your characters. Talk to Lessica, she’ll open a new portal to

All Seeing Eye Map

SL= Switch to Left
SR= Switch to  Right
SM = Switch to Middle

Location (Red) Treasure
T1 Gateau Chocolate
T2 Ripe Plum
T3 Last Supper
T4 Vin Brulee (VDQS)
T5 Ripe Plum
T6 Vin Brulee (VDQS)
T7 Quartz Dress
T8 Mecha Demon
T9 Cosmic Ray
T10 Reinforced Armor Level 13
T11 Gateau Chocolate
T12 Last Supper

PS: You can’t obtain the treasures that marked with yellow word at the beginning of this dungeon.

Last dungeon on this dungeon. Your party will be splitted into 3 groups.

[0] Middle Group: Darwin and Marie
[0] Left Group: Orlando and Li Hua
[0] Right Group: Conor and Araki

You start as Darwin on the middle, your goal is to go to point (1) on the map and then touch the crimson crystal. This will unlock barriers on the other area. Now backtrack to either SL or SR, switch to Orlando.

Tips: All the bosses should be very easy for you to handle, assuming you’re already at higher level than them. (My party’s Level is about 55-60). ALWAYS HAVE STEAL!!!

Go to BOSS 1 Location and you’ll fight

Otohime Lvl 42; HP: 22540;

It weak against Gale so “Pair Ruwach” will kill this thing very fast. You can steal Talisman (Aqua) from him.

Switch to Araki and then go to BOSS 2.

Gorgon Lvl 42; HP 17.350

You can steal Talisman(Gale) from it. Use Pair Karma to kill it quickly.


The barrier on Darwin’s Path is gone now. Go north to fight BOSS 3.

BOSS 3: Legion Praetor Lvl. 42; HP: 25.730

It weaks against Dark. Use Pair Dansleif. Don’t bother to steal from him since he only carries Gateau chocolate.

Continue until you reach point (2). Upss… , seal barrier, backtrack to SL or SR.

For Orlando Go to BOSS 4

Qitian Dansheng Lvl.42 Hp: 22.810

You Must have Steal ability !!! Steal Perfect Knuckles from it (it’s better than Mecha Fenghuang). This monkey is pure physical attackers, watch out for omnicide attack (reduce Hp to 1).

Switch to Araki’s Party. Go to BOSS 5 Location

Vodinoi Lvl.42; HP: 23.450

It has Strong Physical Defense, you can steal Quartz Dress from it. Defeat it and Darwin can continue.

Go north to FINAL location. See an event and you’ll fight

BOSS: Herald; lvl 42; HP: 22.000

At the beginning of the battle, steal Brand of Judgment (Darwin’s Weapon) from him. He’ll start the battle with Death Sentence. From now on his attacks will follow this pattern.

First Trumpet: Deals Blaze based damage to all members. Use Pair ” Absolute Zero”  after this.
Second Trumpet: Aqua Based damage to all members. Use Pair “Ruwach” after this.
Third Trumpet: Gales Based damage to all members. Use Pair “Karma” after this.
Fourth Trumpet: inflict blind
Fifth Trumpet: Seal your skill
Sixth Trumpet: Boost his parameters drastically
Seventh Trumpet: Deals 99.999 damage to all targets.

Basically you need to kill him before 7th Trumpet. If you follow my strategy then he should die on 3th  – 4th  Trumpet. The battle will ends automatically after he uses it whether you survive it or not.

Continue until you can talk to everyone. Now you can go back to obtain the yellow treasures chest (I believe you can’t take them before this event; CMIIW).

Location (Yellow) Treasure
T1 Kodachi
T2 Mecha Shogun
T3 Mecha Feng Huang
T4 Mecha Guglielmo

Enter the door when ready..

Event, you can’t win against someone then

BOSS: Ophan Lessica LVL. 42

HP: 30.000

It weak against dark so your best attack is pair Dainsleif. You can steal Mecha Helix from her. Attack Patterns:

[0] Time Thief: decrease target’s speed and boost her own. Deals about 800 damage.
[0] Infinite Blade: deals about 800 damage to all
[0] Space Warps: preparation attack for
[0] Heaven Descent: Moderate Damage to all members. It also stops your time for a turn.
[0] Nega Sanctus: Inflicts seal status

Event and

Amon Lvl 50

HP: 35.000

You can steal Orpheus Ring from him. He attacks 2 times/ turn. Attack Patterns:

[0] I Am bla bla = Cremate
[0] Sacrifice = Steal HP
[0] Meaningless… = Cocytus
[0] Bow to …. = Mowe
[0] Pray: Cremate
[0] Know your master : Deals about 1500 damage to all

This battle is not hard at all (Neron’s fight is harder than this). Build your charge gauge to use Collbrande. Defeat him and



You can’t steal anything from him. Just keep waiting until you’re able to use Godslayer.

See the ending and congratulation because you have seen True Ending for this game (there is still another ending after this).

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70 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide All Seeing Eye and Amon”

  1. banagherlinks says:

    just finished this stage, thanks fror the guide sir!!

  2. banagherlinks says:

    I’m on my way to amon, with darwin level 103 and marie 97. I’m having a hard time finding the panda bandits hehe

  3. che says:

    im just beating neron, fyi, u didnt need to watch not sacrificing the world to access this scenario, btw for me, battle against death and his friend is the hardest, btw if u like story about 4horseman thry play darksiders, its a great game

  4. Ken says:

    which pair do you recommend for the lessica and amon fight.

  5. Ebrithil says:

    Hi, I just wanted to ask something about the 2 endings, I first chose “yes” when Lesica asked me if I would destroy the world and I saved right after defeating her, so is there any way to see the other ending, that one where you answer “no” to her?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you should be answering no at the first time this time it will leads you to an ending and you can choose yes next time. But if you have done it jsut beat the game normally and wait until you can go back through time later (return to the point where Lessica ask you the question)

  6. Kity says:

    When you get Godslayer?defeat Neron or Amon?

  7. AMON = noob says:

    to me best way to beat amon is use hot pepper get 2 charge use the demonic strength and then use collbrande and 8k damage with a level 39 araki and 39 drawin

  8. Carlos says:

    Do i keep the godslyer skill after the final battle? And what will id do after the final battle?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, you keep it but it’s not worth since they don’t calculate full damage of it against normal enemies. it’s better to use Ophan Lessica (stop times for 3 turns); both of them require lvl 3 charge.

  9. GuardianLinks says:

    Before I did the allseeing eye I beat the neron’s Appendage quest so I was at like level 90 when I faced Amon. Afraid he would be soooooooooo much tougher………took him out in 2 hits.
    Fail 😛

    PS I cant find the piu piu guide

  10. Aetersyl says:

    If you complete “The Greybeard Awakes” side-quest and activate the prayers, then Orphan Lessica will be lvl 140 and Amon lvl 150.

    Both can be killed in one turn with :

    DARWIN (11.400HP – Lv 150)
    – Super MV
    – Cheetah Sopia (with Vanguard)

    ARAKI (20.981HP – Lv 150)
    – Longevity Booster
    – Flower (with Lion Gate 1)
    – Another gold sopia (Quilin Gate)

    The method is pretty obvious : thanks to the Cheetah sopia, you’ll be able to attack first and deal 50k+ damage in one turn.

  11. Sin with Cheese says:

    How would you level up faster?

    • Daniel Craig says:

      You can level up faster by defeating the tiny purple creatures in the land desolate. First equip an Sopia which contains analyze and get a loads of paradise apples so when u get in the battle use pair item paradise apple body to double the experience, paradise apple wisdom to double oz and paradise apple skill to double sp points. Then kill the centre one and keep using analyze until they do not use their skill call for reinforcements then again kill the centre one and use the same method the longer you stay in the battle the more the exp u gain. 🙂

  12. Doggiie says:

    You won’t survive 7th trumpet because the battle just closes after the Herald casts it.

    Oh and for some housekeeping (im very nitpicky about these things), let’s start!
    1. Under the Gorgon boss, the word ‘steal’ has the letter L been colour coded green
    2. its ‘trumpet’ not ‘trumphet’
    3. ‘Sevent Trumphet’ should be ‘Seventh Trumpet’ where seventh is missing the H

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thank you 😀 will fix it. Sorry for grammar problem 😀

      • Doggiie says:

        Don’t worry, I enjoy reading things for fun!

        I will proof-read your whole guide when I have the time. =]

        Seventh <– still needs to be fixed

        "If you follow my strategy then he should die on 3th – 4th Trumpet. The battle will ends automatically after he uses it whether you survive it or not.” <– Those 2 words as well

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